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Book Grid Girls for Motorsport Events

Our card index includes the placement of Grid Girls, Umbrella Girls and Paddock Girls. Each event, each customer is individual and requires different approaches. What all our Grid Girls have in common, however, is their charming and friendly charisma, flexibility and readiness for action.

Whether at the Nürburgring, Lausitzring, Hockenheimring, Sachsenring, at international race tracks or other motorsport events and fairs – our Grid Girls show full commitment in every job. Convince yourself of our Grid Girls, Umbrella Girls and Paddock Girls.

  • Starting grid
  • Sampling actions
  • Photos with fans
  • Standmodels
  • Award ceremonies
  • Teamwork
  • Sweepstakes Support
  • Media-effective recognition

How do grid girls work?

Grid Girls represent race drivers and teams or manufacturers on the race track and generate attention through various activities.

Probably the best-known task of a grid girl is to accompany the driver or team onto the track at the starting grid and hold an umbrella while the drivers are still busy at the vehicle to protect them from either strong sunlight or rain. This is where the name “Umbrella Girl” comes from. Furthermore, there are Grid Girls who mark either the starting numbers of the individual vehicles or respective sections of the track with their number plates. They are also used for award ceremonies and other media appearances in front of the press and fans.

Another area of application is car or motorcycle shows, such as the Essen Motor Show, Tuning World on Lake Constance or InterMot in Cologne. Of course, Grid Girls are always nice to look at in their eye-catching outfits. These are intentionally designed so that a lot of publicity is visible when they are photographed by the press and fans – a real eye-catcher. Our Grid Girls have a lot of experience in front of the camera and in dealing with visitors and guests of all kinds and ages.

Book Grid Girls with Glowstaff

Our Grid Girl agency Glowstaff has more than 5 years of experience in the industry. We have grown on projects and know what is important in Grid Girl placement. We deal with your wishes and needs individually. In the process we listen to you at all times, advise and support you in the selection of the appropriate Grid Girls and ensure a pleasant process.

Step 1: You make a non-binding request, state your wishes, where and when, how many Grid Girls you need and what tasks and requirements are expected. If you have an exact budget or cost expectations, please state them at the beginning. Then we can orientate ourselves accordingly.

Step 2: Our Grid Girls receive a non-binding request for the job and can apply. You will receive sedcards and can express preferences. We know all our Grid Girls well and can help you with the selection and give tips.

Step 3: We inform the selected Grid Girl(s) of your decision and ask again for availability and binding commitment. Then we draw up a contract. For both sides we at Glowstaff are the contractual partner and contact person.

Step 4: We send our Grid Girls on assignment for you. Now nothing stands in the way of the success of your event.

Book experienced grid girls now!

All around support

We are always available for consultation. Even while the assignment is running. We provide an intensive and targeted briefing of our Grid Girls. With our help and that of our Grid Girls your upcoming motorsport event will be a complete success.

Years of experience

Through our years of experience, we are accustomed to customize our offer to your needs. The more precise your ideas and criteria are, the more accurately we can select and fulfill your wishes.

Book Grid Girls for your event today

Thanks to the passionate commitment of our grid girls, we have already achieved great success at both national and international motorsport events.

  • 24h Rennen Nürburgring
  • MotoGP Sachsenring
  • Tuningworld Bodensee
  • DTM Lausitzring, Nürburgring, Hockenheimring
  • ADAC GT Masters Nürburgring, Oschersleben, Lausitzring, Hockenheimring, Sachsenring, Red Bull Ring, Circuit Zandvoort
  • MotoGP Valencia
  • Motorworld Köln - Rheinland
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Price - Performance

We stand for a fair price-performance ratio for all parties involved. Satisfied grid girls lead to satisfied customers and thus to a satisfied agency.

Fast processing

Events are often short notice and stressful. That’s why we want to make the booking process as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

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In order to serve the diversity of our client base, we have a diverse card index of grid girls.

Advantages of Grid Girl Marketing

Once tried and correctly executed, you will see how the online presence and brand recognition will improve as if by itself after the event.

Gird Girls create attention, delight fans, get photographed a lot, place the advertising you want on many photos that end up on the web through their clothing, and create positive and personal associations and memories of fans with the brand.

Those who regularly use Grid Girls see how fans return to the stand every year as if on their own to meet the Grid Girls, sometimes even to get autographs. And those who do without one time will see how many disappointed fans ask where they are.

What you can expect

  • reliable and accurate placement
  • uncomplicated and fast contact
  • an extensive database of international grid girls
  • individual consulting
  • motivated, experienced and friendly Grid Girls
  • strengthening of the personal bond with the fans
  • noticeable improvement of your media presence
  • that certain something for your event!

Grid Girls at work

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More information about grid girl agencies

Find and book grid girls

Our full service agency of Glowstaff offers the possibility to find and book Grid Girls, Paddock Girls, Umbrella Girls, MotoGP Girls for events, fairs, functions. We are available 24/7 to help you with your selection if needed. If you are looking for Grid Girls for a specific event, we will query the availabilities in our file and then present you available Grid Girls based on your sedcards. There you can see the photos and the external attributes. If you wish, we will also provide you with the experiences of our Grid Girls. You can book Grid Girls for racing events, for example at German race tracks like the Nürburgring, Lausitzring, Hockenheimring, Sachsenring or at international race tracks like the Red Bull Ring, Circuit Spa-Francorchamps, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Ricardo Tormo Circuit or Automotodrom Brno. In addition, grid girls are often used at trade fairs or exhibitions with an automotive or motorcycle theme. Some examples would be the Essen Motor Show, the IAA Munich, the Tuning World at Lake Constance, Motorräder Dortmund or the InterMot in Cologne. We at Glowstaff have more than 5 years of experience in the placement of Grid Girls. We adapt individually to your wishes and needs and support you in choosing the right Grid Girls.

Become a grid girl

If you have been interested in the world of motorsports for a long time or if we were able to arouse your interest, then you can easily apply to us as a grid girl. You should have a well-groomed and attractive appearance and ideally be photogenic and experienced with cameras. Grid Girls are mainly used as photo subjects and have to react and pose within milliseconds when a camera is pointed at them as they pass by. You can’t be too shy or quiet either – there are a lot of people at race events that you should be open and friendly with. They are not formal events: you are allowed to be loud, funny and quick-witted! The fans should see that you also have fun at the event and are not only there because you are paid for it. As the race tracks are spread all over Germany and Europe, you should be flexible and willing to travel. Reliability is a must! Certain appointments at a motorsport event have to be kept. Unpunctuality can mess up the whole schedule of the team and lead to big problems in the process. You should enjoy working in a team and with many different people. If you see yourself in this role as a Grid Girl, then apply now without obligation and free of charge!

What is a grid girl

With the modified translation of grid girl as “track girl”, it quickly becomes clear that this is a female person who works on race tracks. Grid Girls are models, hostesses and promoters all rolled into one, representing teams, racers or manufacturers to the public. While all employees of the racing teams are under tension during the whole race, Grid Girls have time and possibility to entertain the fans and make the event even more interesting and attractive for the visitors. Of course, they are always nice to look at and a real figurehead for the customer from top to bottom. As front face and brand ambassadors, they are the first contact and point of contact for visitors and fans. They are an important factor for a likeable image.
Since most motorsport events take place in the summer, being a grid girl is of course not a full-time job. However, for girls who like to work with people and find the spirit on the race tracks just as infectious as the many fans, it is a nice and varied job in the summer months.

Grid girls at fairs, exhibitions and tuning meetings

Other not inconsiderable areas of use for grid girls are car or motorcycle shows, tuning meetings or other automobile exhibitions. Examples include the Essen Motor Show, Tuning World on Lake Constance, Techno-Classica in Essen or InterMot in Cologne. The outfits of Grid Girls are intentionally designed in such a way that a lot of advertising is visible when they are photographed by the press and fans – a real eye-catcher. Our Grid Girls have a lot of experience in front of the camera and in dealing with visitors and guests of all kinds and ages. Grid Girls who have already gained a lot of experience often also have a good understanding of motorsports or are familiar with some aspects of tuning. Many Grid Girls also have a private interest in the motorsport scene, some even do their own tuning. Of course, this meets with a lot of enthusiasm among motorsport and tuning fans. Especially in the tuning scene, many small communities are growing together. Of course, the grid girls also belong to these communities and are welcomed with open arms.

Grid Girls as a spectator favorite

At some events, visitors are allowed on the track to the starting grid shortly before the start. They want to be close to the drivers and their associated grid girls once again and take photos. If there is a rush of fans or press, the grid girls are on hand, spying on every camera and charming them with a smile. For many fans, taking souvenir photos with the Grid Girls is a highlight. Some even collect autographs and print out their photos to have them signed at upcoming events.

The tradition of using Grid Girls in the pit area goes back to the Japanese teams of the 60s. While the use of grid girls in the pit area is rather unusual and not highly regarded in some European countries and is dismissed as a “pit chick,” the Japanese “race queens,” on the other hand, are highly valued helpers to race organizers and often have many fans. In Europe, grid girls operate less in the pits and more where there are more fans.