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Hostess Agency Düsseldorf: Book Hostesses in Düsseldorf

Book experienced, professional hostesses in Düsseldorf

Are you looking for a hostess agency for a project in Düsseldorf? We provide hostesses for trade fairs, openings, congresses, TV appearances, promotion campaigns and more. We offer a wide range of trade fair hostesses, event hostesses and model hostesses. Here you will find an excerpt of our hostesses for the Düsseldorf location. Let us advise you to find together the ideal hostesses from Düsseldorf for your project.

  • Hosts/Hostesses for trade fairs, events and congresses in Düsseldorf
  • Fast placement in a short time
  • Personal contact person
  • Holistic consulting as a full-service agency
  • More than 5 years of experience
  • Legal security
  • Foreign language skills
Hostess Agency

Hostesses from Düsseldorf and surroundings

Hostess agency for trade fairs, events & congresses in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is one of the most important cities in Germany and an international meeting point for many industries. This is one of the reasons why the Glowstaff Agency in Düsseldorf has a particularly large and high-quality selection of hostesses for trade fairs, conferences, conventions and other events. When selecting our hostesses in Düsseldorf, we attach great importance to good manners, multilingualism and readiness for action. At every event and every company appearance, it is important to have highly professional staff at your side. Therefore, in the hostess card index of Glowstaff, we carry experienced hostesses with different qualifications. Our hostess agency carries trade show hostesses, accreditation hostesses, service hostesses, VIP hostesses, model hostesses and more. The tasks of a hostess are wide-ranging and depend on the circumstances of an event – foreign language skills or catering experience can also be served. Our hostesses in Düsseldorf will assist you with the general event process, as well as small but important tasks, such as greeting and forwarding customers, distributing info material or giveaways, and also serving drinks. This kind of support has a great impact on the success of an event.

Book hostesses in Düsseldorf now

At many trade fairs and events in Düsseldorf, we have already achieved great success thanks to the passionate commitment of our hostesses. Our hostess agency Düsseldorf offers the following advantages:

  • Hosts/Hostesses for trade fairs, events and congresses in Düsseldorf
  • Fast placement in a short time
  • Personal contact person
  • Holistic consulting as a full-service agency
  • More than 5 years of experience
  • Legal security
  • Foreign language skills
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Fair price-performance ratio

We stand for a fair price-performance ratio for all parties involved, as this is the only way to ensure a permanently satisfactory cooperation.

Fast processing

Trade fair and event planning is often at short notice and involves a lot of stress. That’s why we make the booking process as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

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In order to be able to serve the diversity of the industry, we have a wide-ranging card index of differently specialized hostesses.

How does the booking work with our Hostess Agency Düsseldorf?

You can send us a request for a hostess booking through our contact form. We will contact you then to discuss the terms and requirements of your project. We will check our hostess card index from Düsseldorf to see who fits your request and is available at the times and conditions. After about 2-3 days, we will present you a selection of available hostesses based on their sed cards. A personal contact from our hostess agency will help you with the selection of hostesses and advise you until you have come to a decision. After everything is confirmed, we will take care of the hostesses until they are ready to work for you. A hostess agency is considered as a partner and links hostesses and companies. If you have questions, we are always available for consultation.

What are the advantages of our Hostess Agency Düsseldorf?

Our Hostess Agency Düsseldorf stands for direct and uncomplicated processes. Through our many years of experience, we have created clear routines that we work through a hostess placement. For you the preparation time of your event is connected with a lot of pressure and stress. We are here to make your hostess booking as easy as possible. The aspiration of our agency is that all hostess bookings are based on long term cooperations, which are satisfying for customers and hostesses equally. Among other things, because we work a lot with referrals, we treat every customer request with high relevance. Whether in Düsseldorf, other cities in Germany or internationally, we have high standards for the quality of our hostesses. The more you can rely on the work of our hostesses, the better you can concentrate on your tasks. On request, we can brief our hostesses from Düsseldorf to prepare them in the best possible way for their assignment at your trade fair stand or corporate event in Düsseldorf.

Book hostesses in Düsseldorf now

Are you planning a trade show, a conference, a press event or any other event in Düsseldorf? Are you looking for professional hostesses who support you in general or specific tasks? Take advantage of the experience of our Hostess Agency Düsseldorf and entrust us with your next hostess booking. Simply contact us via our booking request form. Convince yourself of our references, additional qualifications and visual appearance of our hostesses. Together we will find the ideal hostesses for your event in Düsseldorf.

  • Customer approach and support
  • Good manners and communication skills
  • Stress resistance and ability to work under pressure
  • Service and catering experience
  • Tradeshow experience
  • Sales experience
  • Foreign language skills
  • Interpreter experience
  • Samplings und raffles
  • Teamwork
Hostess Agency

Various trade shows and events with our hostesses in Düsseldorf

Hostessen Jobs Düsseldorf
Hostessen Jobs Düsseldorf
Hostessen Jobs Düsseldorf
Hostessen Jobs Düsseldorf
Hostessen Jobs Düsseldorf
Hostessen Jobs Düsseldorf
Hostessen Jobs Düsseldorf
Hostessen Jobs Düsseldorf
Hostessen Jobs Düsseldorf

Hostesses from Düsseldorf for different tasks

We have experienced, professional hostesses from Düsseldorf in our database. These include service hostesses, info hostesses, model hostesses, trade fair hostesses and interpreter hostesses. The tasks of our hostesses include the accreditation of customers, catering activities, promotion and marketing tasks, sales advice and customer talks as well as walking acts.

Fair hostesses from Düsseldorf

Fair hostesses can be assigned for the support and hospitality of a fair stand and the guests in Düsseldorf.

Service hostesses from Düsseldorf

Service hostesses can be assigned for beverage service or catering in Düsseldorf.

Info hostesses from Düsseldorf

Info hostesses can be assigned for the information desk and for accreditation of customers in Düsseldorf.

Foreign language hostesses from Düsseldorf

Foreign language hostesses can be assigned as contact persons and translators during customer meetings in Düsseldorf.

Chief hostesses from Düsseldorf

Chief hostesses can be assigned as coordinators and team leaders of larger events in Düsseldorf.

Congress hostesses from Düsseldorf

Congress hostesses can be assigned for accreditation and assistance at congresses in Düsseldorf.

Model hostesses from Düsseldorf

Model hostesses can be assigned at photo stations and as eye-catchers for marketing purposes in Düsseldorf.

VIP hostesses from Düsseldorf

VIP hostesses can be assigned as contact persons to assist special guests and customers in Düsseldorf.

Sales hostesses from Düsseldorf

Sales hostesses can be assigned for direct sales and sales calls in Düsseldorf.

Wardrobe hostesses from Düsseldorf

Checkroom hostesses can be assigned for the checkroom of the guests at events in Düsseldorf.

Book hostesses in Düsseldorf now

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What is the procedure when booking hostesses in Düsseldorf?

In your booking request, tell us your requirements for the desired hostess and the key data of your event in Düsseldorf. We will inform you about our calculation of this service and wait for your approval. Based on your information, we will search for available hostesses and present you a selection. We present you the sedcards of our available hostesses. On these sedcards you will find language skills, current activity, education, experience and photos to help you finalize your booking. You can choose a hostess to assist you at your event or leave the professional selection to us. We are also happy to make recommendations on our hostesses. These recommendations are based, if possible, on our experience with our hostesses or on how we judge them based on our personal contact with them. After your final decision, we organize the rest of the assignment. We brief our hostess and make sure that she is perfectly prepared and on time for your project, so that she adds full value from the very first minute.

At which trade fairs in Düsseldorf can our agency help out with trade fair hostesses?

With 18 exhibition halls and over 30,000 exhibitors and approximately 1.5 million visitors annually, Düsseldorf offers a great need for professional hostess staff. Trade show hostesses are booked for trade show booths or other industry-specific events, which are usually held in addition to trade shows in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. Our trade show hostesses can assist with greeting and directing customers, meeting with customers, providing beverage service or distributing flyers and giveaways.

Messe Düsseldorf specializes in trade fairs in the fields of machinery & equipment, crafts & services, medicine & health, fashion & lifestyle. Some of the well-known trade fairs in Düsseldorf are:

References of our Hostess Agency Düsseldorf

Send us a request to book hostesses in Düsseldorf

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Why is a hostess agency important for Düsseldorf?

Germany hosts many of the world’s leading trade fairs and is the world’s No. 1 in terms of the number of international trade fairs. Düsseldorf contributes a large part to this. Each year, Düsseldorf hosts approximately 30,000 exhibitions from all over the world. In fact, Messe Düsseldorf is one of the top 10 trade fair organizers in the world in terms of turnover.

As a hostess agency for Düsseldorf, we provide local hostesses to trade fair exhibitors and companies that need support at an exhibition. Over many years we have built up a large card index of experienced and reliable trade fair hostesses. We can provide hostesses according to various criteria and find the ideal hostess staff for every event. When selecting our hostesses, we put a lot of emphasis on commitment and professionalism and can therefore recommend them with a clear conscience. A hostess agency not only provides the hostess, but also organizes the hostess assignment and prepares everything. This allows the company to fully concentrate on its project without having to take care of a new employee.

Book hostesses from Düsseldorf now

Use our online contact form to inform us about your trade fair stand or other company event in Düsseldorf. Just tell us what support you need and together we will find the right hostess. We would be happy to introduce you to our hostess card index, which we have built up over the last few years. We can present you various hostesses from Düsseldorf according to their sed cards. Based on your requirement profile and key data, we will find suitable hostesses in Düsseldorf. You can leave the expert selection of hostesses to us to save time, or you can make the selection yourself. Use the experience of Glowstaff Hostess Agency and entrust us with your next hostess booking in Düsseldorf.

  • Hosts/Hostesses for trade fairs, events and congresses in Düsseldorf
  • Fast placement in a short time
  • Personal contact person
  • Holistic consulting as a full-service agency
  • More than 5 years of experience
  • Legal security
  • Foreign language skills
Hostess Agency
A hostess is a temporary employee who supports companies at trade fairs, congresses, openings or other events to look after, accompany or advise guests, visitors or the like.
A good hostess is flexible and recognizes independently where help is needed. The hostess takes care of arising problems to relieve the exhibiting company in the best possible way.
A hostess agency arranges hostesses for various events where a company is represented. The agency helps with the selection of hostesses and organizes the assignment of the booked hostess.
In the contact form you tell us your requirements for the desired hostess and the key data of your event. Based on this information, we will search for available hostesses and present you with a selection.

Steps until the booking of the hostess:
  1. Fill out contact form
  2. Confirm conditions
  3. Select hostesses
  4. Sign offer
  5. Implement project
  6. Pay invoice
For an uncomplicated and successful hostess booking it is helpful to get a lot of information about the project from the beginning. The more information available, the better a hostess with the ideal skills and industry knowledge can be provided.

More brand ambassadors

Düsseldorf is one of the most important cities in Germany when it comes to company appearances, trade fairs or other networking events. For many different industries, Düsseldorf is an essential location. Experienced staff and professional brand ambassadors contribute to the success of any event. If you need other brand ambassadors for your project in Düsseldorf besides hostesses, also check out our range of models, promoters, influencers and grid girls. We provide you with staff, models and other brand ambassadors for shootings, video shoots, trade show appearances, TV appearances, openings, social media marketing campaigns, promotional actions, sporting events and more.

Events and fairs in Düsseldorf

Our hostess agency Düsseldorf arranges hostesses at trade fairs and events such as K-Fair Düsseldorf, MEDICA Düsseldorf, boot Düsseldorf, COMPAMED, drupa, Tube & Wire, EuroCis, EuroShop, glasstec, interpack, A+A, Beauty Düsseldorf, ProWein, REHACARE, Contra, GIFA Düsseldorf, METEC, NEWCAST, THERMPROCESS, Cannafair, METAV, PSI,FASHN ROOMS, EuroCIS, SHOES DÜSSELDORF, ALUMINUM DÜSSELDORF, TrauDich! wedding fair düsseldorf, VALVE WORLD EXPO, design classic düsseldorf, CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE, VeggieWorld Düsseldorf, tissueworld düsseldorf, ART DÜSSELDORF, TOP HAIR Düsseldorf, interpack Processes and Packaging, CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF, therapy DÜSSELDORF, expopharm Düsseldorf, PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION, essenz Düsseldorf, equestrian fair open-air düsseldorf, Düsseldorf real estate fair, REHACARE INTERNATIONAL, Watchtime Düsseldorf, Sneakerness Düsseldorf and many more. v.m

Assign hostesses from Düsseldorf for various tasks

Experienced hostesses can lead potential customers to your trade fair stand through targeted promotions. In addition, they help to create a sympathetic, aesthetic overall impression of your company. If desired, hostesses can take over the competent first contact to the customer. They are available as contact persons and can draw attention to your stand with photo campaigns, giveaways, raffles, flyers or samplings.

Large selection of fair hostesses from Düsseldorf

Our hostess agency keeps a large file of hostesses throughout Germany. Especially in Düsseldorf we have a high standard of our hostesses and can proudly provide a large selection of experienced personnel for trade fairs and other events. The Glowstaff hostess database includes trade show hostesses, service hostesses, model hostesses, foreign language hostesses, VIP hostesses, cloakroom attendants, promoters and other brand ambassadors.