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Our model agency Glowstaff is one of the fastest growing model agencies in Germany. We provide models to advertising agencies, fashion labels, DAX companies, publishing houses, jewelry manufacturers and many more. All our clients attach great importance to reliability and professionalism. We always live up to these values and support our national and international clients. In addition to our classic models, we also have plus size models, fitness models, tattoo models and best ager models. Each order brings individual requirements and requires a special approach. Our model agency will meet every needs. We will find the ideal models for your project.

  • Photo shoots
  • Cat walks
  • Video and advertising shoots
  • E-commerce
  • Beauty shoot
  • Fitting
  • Showroom
  • Music videos
  • Bodyparts
  • Standmodels

How does our Model Agency work?

We believe that model agencies should work straightforward. Excellent results must be the standard of any successful model agency. For us, as a model agency, model placement is more than just work, it is our passion. To achieve your goals, for each project we combine the forces of the right model, a detailed model briefing and the targeted coordination of the model during the assignment. With strategic moves, we get the best out of our models. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. This is what we stand for with our model agency.

1. Enquiry & onboarding

To coordinate the project, we need a detailed briefing with all relevant information.

2. Presentation of the models

We will put together a selection of models whose sedcards we will present to you.

3. Project implementation

The project will be planned reliably and according to your specifications.

Book Models with Glowstaff

A model agency requires detailed planning – especially if the client has high expectations and fixed deadlines. The model agency Glowstaff can look back on more than 5 years of experience in the industry. We have grown with projects, experienced ups and downs and know what is important in the model industry. We deal with your requirements and take the time to realize your goals.

During the process we always listen to you, advise and support you in choosing the right models and ensure a pleasant process. We are doing well when our clients are doing well.

  • Personal contact person
  • Full transparency
  • Reliable references
  • Holistic advices

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National and International Model Projects

Our model agency fulfills national and international projects. All our models are willing to travel and speak foreign languages. In Germany, most projects take place in cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Düsseldorf – but we are also represented in smaller cities. For international projects in cities such as NYC, London, Cape Town, Milan or Amsterdam, we are constantly expanding our list of models to meet international expectations.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Professional, experienced Models

We are a professional, transparent and determined model agency with focus on planning and executing model campaigns. Our most important values are reliability, diversity and professionalism, which we live by in every project. We rely on recommendations and always want to meet highest expectations. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and no extra request is too much for us. Our ambition drives us to become better every day and to become one of the leading model agencies in Europe.

Book Models for your Project today

We had already great success with national and international projects also conditioned by the professional commitment of our staff. To make your project successful, we offer:

  • Models for photo shoots, video and commercial shoots, catwalk and more
  • Fast placement in a short time
  • Personal contact person
  • Holistic consultation as a full-service agency
  • More than 5 years of experience
  • Legal security
  • Full transparency
  • Reliable references
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Price - Performance

We stand for a fair price-performance ratio for all parties involved. This is the only way to ensure a permanently satisfactory cooperation.

Fast processing

Model planning is often at short notice and involves a lot of stress. That is why we make the booking process simple and uncomplicated for you.

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In order to be able to serve the diversity of the industry, we have a broadly diversified card index of differently specialized models.

Model Agency Cities

We are ready for you with our models in Germany and all other countries. Most of our model agency jobs take place in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Dresden, Hanover, Duisburg, Bochum, Wuppertal, Bielefeld, Bonn, Münster, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Augsburg, Wiesbaden, Mönchengladbach, Aachen, Braunschweig, Halle, Regensburg, Chemnitz or Nuremberg. If you need models in smaller cities, we are also ready for that at any time.

What you can expect:

  • Besides classic models, best ager models, curvy models, plus size models, tattoo models and also fitness models
  • reliable placement
  • uncomplicated and quick contact
  • individual consultation
  • extensive card index of models
  • motivated, experienced and competent models
  • that certain something for your model job


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More Information about Model Agencies

What is a Model Agency?

A model agency acts as a personnel service provider between models and clients. In the past, so-called model scouts often acquired models for agencies. In the age of social media, models are increasingly discovered directly by agencies on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels.

Model agencies keep their models in a card index, build them up for future jobs and then place them with project requests. They organize the appointments, create so-called sedcards and issue the invoices at the end. After successfully placing a model, the model agency is entitled to commission. Often, additional license fees, also called buy-outs, are due for the rights to photos, videos and other material.

After the model has applied, model agencies look at many different factors. Physical factors such as body size, skin, hair, etc. are checked. In addition, however, the charisma and also the character, ambition and values of the models play a central role. The model agencies have to make sure that the whole package fits and can meet the customer’s requirements.

How do Models work?

The job of a model is very diverse. It covers a wide range of activities. Models are usually booked to promote companies and products using their looks, photogenicity and exceptional handling of the camera. In addition to typical photo shoots and catwalk jobs, models are often booked for video shoots, fittings, showrooms, trade shows, music videos and more.

Old-fashioned model requirements, such as a minimum height, have not applied for a long time. The fashion and advertising world is constantly changing and both models and agencies are adapting. New faces are constantly being sought and new trends picked up. Accordingly, there are many different types of jobs and sought-after types – diversity models, curvy models or tattoo models are becoming increasingly popular.

It is not uncommon for models to be on the road for their jobs. They often have to travel to other countries for their clients and the perfect location. Therefore model agencies require good foreign language skills and a willingness to travel. The models should gain a lot of experience, always keep their portfolio up to date and expand it further in order to be able to be booked regularly.

Curvy Models and Plus Size Models

Beauty cannot be measured by a clothing size – the fashion industry has understood this and is now giving more space to advertising for curvy and plus-size fashion. More and more models without the classic model measurements are also being used in the commercial sector. They inspire with their self-confidence and the feeling for the aesthetics of their own body. Many fashion brands and fashion magazines now rely on realistic advertising faces with which the majority can also identify. More than 50% of women in Germany wear clothing size 42 and larger, which is considered curvy in the fashion industry. Many mainstream fashion brands are also expanding their assortment with separate plus size collections, so that the need for marketing is also growing. The demand continues to grow and signals a long overdue change in the fashion world.

Commercial Models

Commercial models are models of any age who are used for mainstream advertising, such as TV commercials, magazines, billboards, e-commerce, etc. The purpose of commercial models is to promote the beauty ideal of plus-size women. Commercial models are supposed to represent the beauty ideal of the broad masses and be naturally beautiful, so that the target group can better identify with them. They don’t have to be “perfect” or particularly striking, but real! There are no measurements for measurements, sizes or other external characteristics, because the faces in advertising should by no means always look the same. Commercial Models convince with their authentic and sympathetic manner and with their light-hearted handling of photo and video cameras. It is also important that they find it easy to memorize texts in a short time and to reproduce them in front of the camera in order to record commercials and clips without any problems.

Best Ager Models and Senior Models

The relevance of Best Ager Models in the advertising and fashion world is growing . Especially and growing. In the commercial sector, models 40+ are in great demand to promote and realistically represent everyday or niche products. There are numerous jobs for Best Ager Models in product photography, commercials, runway jobs and more. In photo shoots, female Best Ager Models find it easy to take on stereotypical roles, such as the caring mother or the ambitious career woman. Models as young as 30 can work as Best Ager Models and as old as 60 as Senior Models. They convince with their self-confidence, sovereignty and experience. Genuine, calm, convincing – these are our Best Ager and Senior Models.

Fitness Models and Sport Models

In the field of commercial modeling there are many brands and products that are advertised with the help of fitness models and sports models. Products like sportswear, supplements, fitness equipment, fitness magazines, gym equipment, nutritionists and co. require models that reflect the sporty lifestyle and image of the brand and product. This also involves health-promoting products that are not only from the fitness sector. That is why there are models who have turned their passion into a profession and specialize in fitness shooting. Such shoots are usually very physically demanding and require good physical fitness, body control and endurance of the fitness models.

Fitting Models

A Fitting Model works as a fitting model for designers and fashion designers, either to test the fit of new pieces or to present the collection to order customers. Fitting models come in all clothing sizes. A fitting can also be a fitting before a shoot or before a fashion show. For this purpose, the fitting models must correspond to exact sizes and measurements. In showrooms or at order fairs, fitting models are used to demonstrate the new collections to the order agents of fashion houses and boutiques, in order to let them buy for the end customer. In contrast to a mannequin, Fitting Models can show how the garment behaves when moved and give feedback on how the garment feels when worn.

Petite Models

Female fashion models and catwalk models usually have a minimum height of 1.75m. A petite model may not reach this height, but still has a place in the fashion and modeling world because: Many fashion brands launch separate “Petite” collections for men and women with adjusted pant lengths, skirt lengths, sleeve lengths, etc. Accordingly, petite models are also needed for product photography and fashion presentations, especially in e-commerce. In addition, petite models are especially sought after in body part photography. Because of their small size, they are popular hand models and foot models, which allows them as petite models numerous different job opportunities in the commercial field.

Other Brand Ambassadors

If you are interested in other brand ambassadors for your project besides models, also check out our range of hostesses, promoters, influencers and grid girls. We can provide you with personnel for shoots, video shoots, trade show appearances, TV appearances, social media marketing campaigns, promotional activities, sporting events and more.