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Model Agency: Book Female Models

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Are you looking for Female Models? Glowstaff Model Agency provides Female Models for photo shoots, video shoots, commercials, print campaigns, TV appearances, trade shows, fittings and more. We provide Female Models with that special something. Whether national or international, we provide the ideal Female Model for your project.

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Commercial Models

Commercial Models can be models of all ages used in commercials. These include TV spots, magazines/magazines, e-commerce or billboard advertising. As a rule, commercial models represent a general ideal of beauty – or serve specific niche types. This is because the target group should identify with them and find themselves in the model types. They don’t have to be flawless, nor do they have to be particularly striking – the main thing is that they are real and can handle a photo and video camera well! There are no standards for size, measurements or other characteristics. They convince with their authentic nature and their natural handling of the camera. It is also important that they can recite texts and play them back in front of the camera in the shortest possible time.

Curvy and Plus Size Models

Beauty cannot be measured by a clothing size – the fashion industry has realized this and is making room for advertising curvy and plus-size fashion. In the commercial sector, many models are used without the stereotypical model measurements. They inspire with their self-confidence and the feeling for the aesthetics of their own body. Many fashion brands and fashion magazines now rely on realistic advertising faces with which the majority of the target group can also identify. More than 50% of women in Germany wear clothing size 42 and larger, which is considered curvy in the fashion industry. Many mainstream fashion brands are also expanding their range with separate plus size collections, so the need for marketing is also growing.

Petite Models

Female fashion models and catwalk models usually used to have a minimum height of 1.75 m, now 1.72 m. A petite model does not reach this size, but still has a place in the fashion and modeling world, because: Many fashion brands launch separate “Petite” collections for all genders with adapted trouser lengths, skirt lengths, sleeve lengths, etc. Accordingly, petite models are also needed for product photography and fashion presentations, especially in e-commerce. In addition, petite models are also in demand in body part photography! Due to their small size, they are popular hand models and foot models, which allows them as petite models numerous different job opportunities in the commercial sector.

Fitness Models

Many brands promote their products with the help of fitness models and sports models. These include sportswear, nutritional supplements, fitness equipment, fitness magazines, gym equipment, nutritionists and more. Models who can reflect the sporting lifestyle and the image of the brand and the product are in demand. It is also about general health-promoting products not only from the fitness sector. For this, some models have turned their passions into their profession and specialized in fitness shoots. This type of shooting is usually physically demanding and requires the model to have good physical fitness, body control, a lot of stamina and sometimes experience in performing certain sports.

Senior and Best Ager Models

The demand for Best Ager models in advertising and fashion is high. In the commercial world, “older” models are often in demand to promote and authentically portray everyday or niche products. There are many good model jobs in product photography, advertising, runway work and more. Models can be best ager models from 30 years old and senior models from 60 years old. They convince with confidence, authenticity and experience. Authentic, effortless, convincing – these are our Senior and Best Ager Models.

Fitting Models

A fitting model works for designers and fashion retailers as a fitting model, for example, to test fits of new pieces or to present collections to customers. Fitting models have all clothing sizes. There are also fittings before a shooting or before a fashion show. For this purpose, fitting models must correspond to the exact sizes and measurements. In showrooms or at order fairs Fitting Models are used to present the new collections to agents of the fashion houses or to boutiques who finally buy the collections. In contrast to a mannequin, fitting models can give feedback on the feel of the garment and show how it behaves in motion.

Tattoo Models

Tattoo models stand out and shine with their body art. Tattoos on their bodys make them unique. Tattoo models can have individually tattooed body parts or the whole body from head to toe. The optical appearance can blow any common model standards, because beauty and art is not subject to any standard. Mostly tattoo models are used in specific areas or for alternative brands, but they have also opportunities as commercial models in TV spots.

Bodypart Models

Bodypart models have only certain body parts in front of the camera lens. They are used in fashion productions where, for example, only the hands, teeth, feet or legs of a model need to be seen. The uses are numerous in any photo or video production where the focus is not on the model but on other “products”: furnishings, jewelry, grooming products, shoes/socks, food, kitchen accessories, and more. This also means that these models do not have to meet typical modeling standards, but can also work as a model if, for example, she has particularly beautiful hands, small well-groomed feet or straight healthy teeth.

Other Brand Ambassadors

If you are interested in other brand ambassadors for your project besides female models, also check our Petite Models, Male Models, Hostesses, Promoters, Influencers and Grid Girls. We can provide you with staff for shoots, video commercials, trade show appearances, TV appearances, social media marketing campaigns, influencer campaigns, promotions, sporting events and more. Book your models with Glowstaff now!