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Model Agency Munich: Book Models

Are you looking for models in Munich? We provide models for photo and video shoots, fashion shows, fittings, TV appearances and more. We have already successfully implemented national and international projects. Send us a request without any obligations and we will find the ideal models from Munich for your project.

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Book models with our Model Agency Munich

As one of the fastest growing model agencies in Germany, Model Agency Munich serves clients from a wide range of industries. These include enterprises, video producers, publishers, trade show exhibitors and advertising agencies. We focus on professionalism and transparency in our work. Through serious and fair cooperation we secure the trust of national and international customers. The pricing of your campaign is based on the realistic value. At Model Agency Munich you will get: Personal contact person, Models from Munich and surroundings, Holistic consulting as a full service agency, Full transparency, Fair prices, More than 7 years of experience, Male Models, Fitness Models, Curvy Models, Body Part Models, Best Ager Models, Diversity Models and more from Munich.

  • Models for photo shoots, video and commercial shoots, fittings, runway and more
  • Large database with over 800 models
  • Top-rated agency in Germany
  • Over 7 years of industry experience
  • Quick placement in a short amount of time
  • Personal contact person
  • Comprehensive advice as a full-service agency
  • Legal certainty
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At Model Agency Munich we will be happy to advise you personally.

We operate as a model agency in these cities

We have a very large database and can access models in all cities in Germany. We support you with photo shoots, video shoots, commercials, TV appearances, trade fairs, fittings, and more in your city.

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Have we made you curious?
At Model Agency Munich we will be happy to advise you personally.

The services of our Model Agency Munich

Our Model Agency Munich not only takes care of the mediation between model and end customer, but also the organization, briefing, travel and buy outs. The support and advice of the models also plays a significant role of a model agency. Our range of services includes photo shoots, commercial shoots and music video shoots, showroom and fittings, trade show appearances, runway, TV appearances, product launches or openings, body parts, sport events, social media campaigns. Since 2015, in addition to model placement, other staffing areas have been added to Model Agency Munich. The file of our young and well-connected team includes Classic Models, Diversity Models, Male Models, Fitness Models, Body Part Models, Best Ager Models, Curvy Models and much more. In addition to the different types of models, we have also expanded a branch on the topic of influencer marketing. Our Influencer Marketing team covers the interface between Classic Model assignments and their presence on social media. The team advises you on your social media campaign and the possible uses of our models and influencers.

Project flow of our Model Agency Munich

The model agency should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible for the end customer. As a full service Model Agency Munich we want to relieve you of as much work as possible during your stressful organization time. Together we select the suitable model according to your criteria. The model briefing and the coordination of the models before, during and after the assignment is solely our responsibility. Together with the request we need a detailed briefing that includes all relevant information about your project. Information about time, place and goal of your project and of course about the desired model criteria. With the help of your briefing and your booking criteria we check the availability of our models and make a selection for you. We present these to you by means of sedcards. According to your specifications we plan your project and the use of the selected model. We take care of the briefing and coordination of the model.

What makes our Model Agency Munich stand out

As one of the largest cities in Germany, Munich is not only the heart of Bavaria, but also the fashion capital of the German south. Many fashion designers are based here and it is home to renowned fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Glamour. This provides the perfect breeding ground for a variety of job opportunities for models. Therefore, Munich is an important location for models, but also for our Model Agency Munich. At Model Agency Munich we live from recommendations of our satisfied customers. Not only because of this we want to continue to meet all expectations. In addition, a fair relationship with our customers and models is close to our heart: we want our prices and payments to correspond to the real benefits of an assignment. Are you looking for a model agency that is diverse, transparent and professional? Request our Model Agency Munich and together we will find the ideal model for your project in Munich.

Models in Munich and surroundings

With almost 1.5 million inhabitants, Munich is not only one of Germany’s largest cities, but also the (elective) home of many models and model agencies. Munich’s creative environment attracts designers, models and other professionals from all media-related fields. This, in turn, provides fertile ground for many fashion publishers and production facilities, including our Munich model agency. This makes Munich the fashion capital of Bavaria. Are you looking for models from Munich and the surrounding area? Our team with more than 7 years of experience will support you in finding the model that exactly meets your criteria. At Model Agency Munich we carefully select our models. Meanwhile, our model database offers a wide selection of Classic Female and Male Models, Curvy Models, Best Ager Models, Petite Models, Fitness Models, Fitting Models, Body Part Models and more. Together we will find the right face for your campaign.

Book Curvy Models and Plus Size Models with Model Agency Munich

Beauty can not be measured by clothing sizes. This is shown and proven by our Curvy Models and Plus Size Models in Munich. They inspire with their self-confidence and the sense for the aesthetics of their own body. Real, beautiful and curvy. The demand continues to grow and shows a long overdue change in the fashion world. Many fashion brands and fashion magazines now rely on realistic advertising faces, with which the majority can also identify – become a Curvy Model or Plus Size Model in Munich and book Curvy Models and Plus Size Models via Model Agency Munich.

Book Best Ager Models and Senior Models with Model Agency Munich

Marketing campaigns are most effective when the target group can identify with the representation and the models. That’s why the need for Best Ager Models and Senior Models in the commercial and fashion world is growing more and more. Especially in the commercial sector for print and TV, models 40+ are in high demand. They can advertise products from everyday life or niche products and represent them realistically. There are numerous jobs for Best Ager Models in product photography, commercials, for catwalk jobs and more – become a Best Ager Model or Senior Model in Munich and book Best Ager Models and Senior Models via Model Agency Munich.

Munich for model agencies and creatives

In contrast to the capital Berlin, which is considered rather alternative, trendy and colorful, Munich stands for timeless class and untouchable style. Shopping streets, such as the famous Maximilianstraße with its luxury boutiques, invite to shopping trips to Munich. Furthermore, Munich is a city known for tradition, coziness and a bit of “chic”. Munich stands for impressive contrasts between designers, advertising agencies, production facilities, publishing houses, model agencies and the typical narrow streets, historic buildings and magnificent architecture of Munich. The city is characterized by a luxurious image, but also by the many green spaces and parks, such as the English Garden, the Hofgarten or the Olympic Park. Here you can always find a nice location for an outdoor shooting. But also for a more alternative atmosphere and more unusual locations Munich offers enough choice. Thus, the necessary scope is given for any creative projects. So models, photographers, fashion designers, journalists and producers can freely exploit their potential in Munich.

Book models via Model Agency Munich

Are you looking for a matching model or professional advice in Munich? Throughout the planning of your project, we are always available for you for queries and help you on request with the model selection. Our Model Agency Munich includes a large selection of female and male Classic Model and Diversity Models. We focus on fair and lasting partnerships.

If we have piqued your interest, then feel free to use the experience of Model Agency Munich and entrust us with your next model booking. Let us advise you free of charge! We are looking forward to the contact with you.

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Have we made you curious?
At Model Agency Munich we will be happy to advise you personally.

Do you want to receive jobs via Model Agency Munich?

There are many job opportunities for models in Munich: many fashion magazines, showrooms and photo studios are located here. Munich is the fashion capital of the south of Germany and a welcome home of choice for experienced or aspiring models. Can you identify with fashion, trends, aesthetics and love to put yourself in the spotlight and pose in front of the camera? Are you self-confident and comfortable in your own skin? Charisma, passion and ambition are other important criteria for a model. If you feel addressed and would like to become a model in Munich or the surrounding area, then apply now at Model Agency Munich!

What are the jobs of a model at Model Agency Munich?

In addition to the appearance of the model, photogenicity and skillful handling of photo and video cameras are also important. With these qualities models can promote products or services in photo or video productions, fashion shows, showrooms, etc. Models often are demanded to travel for jobs. Not infrequently, their job starts right after arrival and they have to perfectly conceal fatigue. That’s why we look forward to receiving applications with a willingness to travel, language skills and the ability to work under pressure. Independent tasks of the model include gaining experience through free shoots and keeping your portfolio up to date.

What you should consider as a model when looking for a model agency in Munich

In order to find a good model agency in Munich, there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important rule is: model agencies should always serve models free of charge. Membership fees or processing fees are absolute exclusion criteria. If a reputable model agency sees your potential and is willing to accompany you on the path of modeling, it is in the best case even willing to invest in you – not the other way around. Also, please be realistic about your own chances of success. If certain offers are incredibly good, such as disproportionately well-paid jobs in Dubai, including flights and hotels – and this applies to models who have not even been seen and assessed live by the agency – it may be a scam.

In this industry, basically nothing can be promised and no possible success can be predicted. The industry is changeable and in the end it is always the client who makes the decision. An agency can put models on the market and recommend them to many clients, but cannot promise success.

Nude photography is not rejected in the modeling world and is mainstream, but it is still not recommended for beginner models. Above all, it was not necessary! If an agency recommends nude photos or says: “But Heidi Klum did the same!”, this is by no means a credible recommendation. Last but not least: take a close look at the model agency’s website. A reputable model agency has high-quality pictures, sedcards, real contact details and legal information. You can also google the model agency and read the public ratings models or customers left.

Our model file at Model Agency Munich

We are constantly expanding our model file in of Model Agency Munich to offer our customers a selection with much diversity. We welcome both experienced models and inexperienced models. Our focus at Model Agency Munich is on enthusiasm, charisma and ambition. Model qualities do not only include optical criteria. Since the daily work of a model is usually accompanied by a lot of pressure or long waiting times, it takes stamina and a certain passion for this profession. Only those who really love modeling and always give everything can have great success in the long term. If you have questions or problems, our model agency Munich is always at your side. You come from Munich or the surrounding area and we have aroused your interest? Then we look forward to your online application as a model!

The metropolis Munich as location for models and model agencies

With approximately 1.5 million inhabitants, Munich is not only the capital but also the largest city in the German state of Bavaria. The multi-faceted fashion industry has developed widely in Munich and features a wide range of fashion manufacturers and labels to fashion magazines, such as Elle, Vogue and Glamour. Munich is broadly positioned and, as one of the most important production locations in Germany, has much to offer the fashion industry. Designers, photographers, models and other creatives find each other in Munich to work together on new projects such as commercials, fashion editorials, TV campaigns and co. The city offers many job opportunities for models of all kinds. Therefore, we at Model Agency Munich also appreciate this beautiful and diverse city as a professional location, model and fashion metropolis very much. With Model Agency Munich you have a reliable agency for the placement of Classic Models, Male Models, Best Ager Models, Body Part Models, Fitting Models, Tattoo Models, Fitness Models, Petite Models, Beauty Models and many more.

More questions about our Model Agency Munich

A model agency operates as a service provider between models and customers. Model agencies keep their models in a file, build them up for future jobs and place them with project requests.
A model placement requires detailed planning - especially if the client has high expectations and fixed deadlines must be met. Our model agency deals individually with your wishes and takes the time to realize your goals.
We cast models in all major cities in Germany. We are permanently looking for models to offer our customers a wide selection. We want to give experienced models or newcomer models with potential chances for exciting jobs.
If you have charisma and self-confidence in addition to an attractive appearance, then apply to us via our application form. We will check your application and get back to you.

More brand ambassadors from Glowstaff

If you are also interested in other brand ambassadors for your project besides models, also check out our offer of hostesses, promoters, influencers, grid girls, petite models, male models. We provide staff and models for shoots, video shoots, trade show appearances, TV appearances, social media marketing campaigns, promotions, sporting events and more.

Also find models from Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt or Stuttgart. Book your models with Model Agencies by Glowstaff now!