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Model Agency Cologne: Book Models

Are you looking for Models in Cologne? We provide models for shoots, video and commercial shoots, fittings, fashion shows, TV-appearences, tradeshows and more. We have already been able to successfully implement national and international orders with Model Agency Cologne. Inquire now without obligation to find together the ideal models from Cologne for your project.

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Inquire now without obligation for our Model Agency Cologne.

Book models via Model Agency Cologne

Are you looking for models in Cologne and the surrounding area? We at Model Agency Cologne work with numerous professional and talented models. Thanks to our large and diverse selection of models, any order is possible for us. With a mix of careful planning and individual consultation, we at Model Agency Cologne ensure the best possible execution of your project. If you wish, we can advise you on your concept and also on the model selection. Our years of experience and expertise make us the ideal partner for your model booking. Whether in Cologne or the surrounding area – we have the right models for your project. Convince yourself of our Model Agency Cologne!

  • Models for photo shoots, video and commercial shoots, fittings, runway and more
  • Large database with over 800 models
  • Top-rated agency in Germany
  • Over 7 years of industry experience
  • Quick placement in a short amount of time
  • Personal contact person
  • Comprehensive advice as a full-service agency
  • Legal certainty
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Inquire now without obligation!

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Inquire now without obligation for our Model Agency Cologne.

We operate as a model agency in these cities

We have a very large database and can access models in all cities in Germany. We support you with photo shoots, video shoots, commercials, TV appearances, trade fairs, fittings, and more in your city.

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Inquire now without obligation for our Model Agency Cologne.

Convince yourself of our Model Agency Cologne

Our Model Agency Cologne is growing fast, but is at work with precision in every booking. In the most diverse industries, we now arrange models for our customers for over 7 years. Through our transparent nature, our Model Agency Cologne has earned the trust of international customers and models. Trust in competence, experience and fairness. Our pricing is based on the realistic value of your campaign. Fairness towards our clients as well as towards our models is our priority. In addition to Classic Models, our model file in Cologne offers you a selection of Curvy Models, Fitness Models, Body Part Models, Tattoo Models, Best Ager Models, Petite Models, Fitting Models and more. Each customer request brings individual requirements and we see our task in the wishes and visions of our customers to realize the best possible. For our Model Agency Cologne no special request is too much. Together we will find the ideal model for your project in Cologne.

Services of Model Agency Cologne

We at Model Agency Cologne are responsible for model placement, which is required for projects of our clients with model request. We keep a versatile file of handpicked models from Cologne and other cities in Germany. We assign these to the customer requests that apply to them. We arrange assignments for photo shoots, video shoots, fittings, trade show assignments, TV appearances and more. Since 2015 we have been placing models, hostesses, promoters and grid girls. Our placement range has been expanding more and more. Today, our personnel spectrum includes even more personnel areas. Our young, well-connected team at Model Agency Cologne now looks after: Models, hostesses, promoters, influencers, grid girls, presenters, other brand ambassadors and service staff.

Why you should hire models through our Model Agency Cologne

A goal-oriented model agency needs detailed planning – especially if the client has specific expectations or approaching deadlines. Our Model Agency Cologne now looks back on more than 7 years of experience in the industry. Together we have grown on projects and know what is important in model placement. When we get requests from customers, it confirms every time again how diverse this industry is. We are always looking for different models. Trends in the fashion and advertising world can also influence the book behavior of customers. That’s why we never stop expanding our portfolio. Our model file in Cologne now includes: Female & Male Models, Classic Models, Petite Models, Curvy Models & Plus Size Models, Best Ager Models, Fitting Models, Fitness Models, Tattoo Models and Body Part Models. During your model search we have an open ear at all times, advise and support you in the selection process and are responsible for a smooth process. We respond to your wishes and needs and take time to realize your goals. We offer this service in Cologne, as well as in all other cities in Germany.

Intensive support for our models in Cologne

Cologne is not only a city of millions, but also the metropolis for the media industry. The beautiful Rhine city of Cologne scores with its media and communications sector and has passed Berlin in this respect. Two thirds of all media companies in NRW are in Cologne. In only a few years Cologne reached 20% of the German media production! Therefore, our Model Agency Cologne has many requests for large advertising campaigns in Cologne. At Model Agency Cologne we not only find the right model for your project – on the way to the goal we also advise you at any time and are always available. We are a personal and ambitious model agency. Our values include reliability, transparency and professionalism. We rely on recommendation and therefore want to meet all expectations. Our ambition drives us every day to be a little better and to have the best models in our file.

Model Castings at Model Agency Cologne

We cast models in all major cities, of course also in Cologne. We are permanently looking for models in Cologne and the surrounding area, because we want to offer our customers a diversified selection. We want to give experienced models or newcomer models with potential opportunities for exciting jobs. When applying to our Model Agency Cologne, we pay special attention to the charisma of the model. There are criteria that are checked off, but with a model it depends on much more than certain optical requirements. Ambition and passion also play a very big role in the job of a model. The working day is often associated with either a lot of stress or long waiting times. Only those who really love their job and give 100% to every assignment can make a name for themselves as a model in the long term. 

As a Model Agency Cologne, we are always available to help our models with any questions or problems they may have along the way. You come from Cologne or the surrounding area and we have aroused your interest? We are looking forward to your application!

The work of a model at Model Agency Cologne

Models of our Model Agency Cologne are mostly booked because of their appearance, their photogenicity and their instinctive handling of the camera. They promote products, services, events or companies. This happens in the form of classic photo shoots and catwalk jobs or they are booked for video shoots, fittings, showrooms, trade show appearances, music videos, TV appearances, as brand faces/testimonials. Models often have to travel for their job to reach their clients or location. Willingness to travel and also good foreign language skills are therefore welcome in model applications. Cologne has the advantage of having an airport in the immediate vicinity, which our models from Cologne can use. One of the independent tasks of the models is to gain experience in freelance projects and thus to keep their portfolio always up to date.

How to become a model at Model Agency Cologne

Movies, TV and radio, media and internet business, the WDR and RTL, drama schools, the world-famous trade fair Cologne… the media capital Cologne is a real metropolis for jobs in the modeling industry. In the beautiful Rhine city of Cologne, many advertising productions take place, models are booked for TV appearances or extras roles, startups shoot their first campaigns… The job opportunities for models are especially great in Cologne. You feel comfortable in front of the camera, are self-confident and love to pose? Would you like to get jobs as either a Classic Model or Diversity Model in Cologne? Would you like to get jobs as a hostess, promoter or grid girl in Cologne besides traditional model jobs? If you have charisma and self-confidence in addition to an appealing appearance, then apply now at Model Agency Cologne! We are of course permanently 100% free of charge for you. We keep the processes in our model agency transparent and do not deceive you with unrealistic promises.

Inquire now without obligation!

Have we made you curious?
Inquire now without obligation for our Model Agency Cologne.

The home town of Model Agency Cologne

There are many things that come to mind when you think of the beautiful Rhine city of Cologne. Cologne is known for its colorful, fun-loving, typical Rhineland way. The Cologne cheerfulness and the numerous possibilities of the big city attracts tourists and elective Cologne residents every day. Many young people, especially those working in the media sector, want to make Cologne their home. When people think of Cologne as a city of millions, they think of the banks of the Rhine, the media harbor, the Cologne Carnival, the world cultural heritage site of Cologne Cathedral, and, of course, Cologne’s media scene. No other city in Germany is home to as many companies from the media and communications sector as Cologne. Two thirds of all media companies in NRW are located in Cologne. In just a few years, Cologne accounted for 20% of German media production. In total, there are about 50,000 people working in the media industry in Cologne. Since the founding of the first private television station decades ago, Cologne has developed into the largest and most important media metropolis in Germany. Countless television studios, publishing houses, drama schools, film sets, radio, music and photo studios are lined up next to each other. This always attracts people who want to enter the media world. Journalists, actors, singers, photographers, comedians, radio announcers, presenters, artists, models… many are attracted to Cologne as a new place to work and thus live. Every week, new commercials are photographed and shot in Cologne with the help of models, TV appearances are provided, trade fair stands are embellished and more. That’s why we from Model Agency Cologne also appreciate this city as a professional location, model and fashion metropolis very much.

Find the best model agencies in Cologne

Especially in Cologne you can find a lot of model agencies on the net. But how can you tell if a model agency is really serious? A few things should be paid attention to. The first and easiest to recognize rule is: The model agency should always be free of charge for the model. Ongoing fees or admission fees are definitely a no-go. Because if a reputable model agency recognizes your potential, whether in Cologne or elsewhere, then in the best case it is even willing to invest in you – and not vice versa. Please also stay realistic. If some job offers are actually too good to be true, such as a luxury brand shooting in Miami incl. flight and hotel – and that for a newcomer model, which the agency has never seen live, this indicates fraud. Also, take a look at the model agency’s website: A serious model agency in Cologne includes a model file with several models, traceable contact details and a legitimate imprint. In addition, you can easily google the model agency and see reviews. Topic nude photos! In fact, partial nude photos and even nude photos are not frowned upon in the modeling world. For a beginner model, however, it is still not recommended to pose too revealing. In no way is it necessary for a modeling career. So if an agency recommends you to do nude shoots or says “Even Heidi Klum has nudes”, this is not advice to take seriously. Nothing can be promised in this industry. The industry is very changeable and it is always the customer who decides. The book behavior of customers can also be influenced by trends in the advertising world. So a model agency can introduce you to the market and suggest you to clients, but cannot make any predictions of success.

Book Curvy Models and Plus Size Models with Model Agency Cologne

Marketing campaigns are most efficient when the target group can identify with the product presentation and the models. That’s why the demand for Curvy Models and Plus Size Models in the advertising and fashion world is very high, especially for advertising in print or TV format. Our Curvy Models and Plus Size Models convince with their self-confidence, sensuality and sovereignty in dealing with their bodies. Real, beautiful, curvy – these are our Curvy Models. Many fashion designers and magazines now rely on brand ambassadors who are true to reality and with whom the masses can identify, thus following the long overdue change in the modeling industry. Become a Curvy Model or Plus Size Model in Cologne and book Curvy Models and Plus Size Models with Model Agency Cologne.

Book Best Ager Models und Silver Ager Models with Model Agency Cologne

Friendly faces with character that tell a story often have a few years behind them. Genuine, calm, experienced – these are our Best Ager Models and Senior Models at Model Agency Cologne. They are perfectly suited to authentically present everyday products and niche products in the commercial sector, if the target group should be able to identify with the models. An obvious example of this is the use in advertising for medical products. Our population is getting older on average and the demand for 40+ models in the advertising industry is increasing day by day. Whether it’s in product photography, commercials, runway jobs and more, there are numerous areas of use. Become a Best Ager Model or Silver Ager Model in Cologne and book Best Ager Models and Silver Ager Models with Model Agency Cologne.

Book models with our Model Agency Cologne

At Model Agency Cologne we follow high standards in model placement. We are oriented to the customer and always keep our processes transparent. To the success of our Model Agency Cologne belong of course our female and male models, which we have carefully selected and support on their way.

As a Full Service Model Agency in Cologne we want to relieve you of as much work and preparation time as possible. We only need a precise statement of your criteria and wishes for your project and of course all relevant key data to compile a suitable model selection. The model file of our Cologne Model Agency includes a large selection of models of various types, who are specialized in different areas. We pursue the goal of long-term and fair cooperation. Only in this way can customers and models be equally satisfied. Because satisfied models do a good job and make for a satisfied customer and a happy model agency. Book your models with Model Agency Cologne now and convince yourself!

More questions about our Model Agency Cologne

A model agency operates as a service provider between models and customers. Model agencies keep their models in a file, build them up for future jobs and place them with project requests.
A model placement requires detailed planning - especially if the client has high expectations and fixed deadlines must be met. Our model agency deals individually with your wishes and takes the time to realize your goals.
We cast models in all major cities in Germany. We are permanently looking for models to offer our customers a wide selection. We want to give experienced models or newcomer models with potential chances for exciting jobs.
If you have charisma and self-confidence in addition to an attractive appearance, then apply to us via our application form. We will check your application and get back to you.

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