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Model Agency Düsseldorf

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Book Models with Model Agency Düsseldorf

Our model agency Düsseldorf is one of the fastest growing model agencies in Germany. For customers from many different areas, we provide models for over 5 years now. Among others, for magazine publishers, fashion brands, advertising agencies, trade shows, music videos and more. We attach great importance to reliability and professionalism. Through serious and transparent work, our model agency Düsseldorf has earned the trust of international customers and models who appreciate our way of working. In addition to classic models, our model roster in Dusseldorf includes Curvy Models, Fitness Models, Tattoo Models, Best Ager Models, Petite Models, Fitting Models and more. Each order brings individual requirements. No wish is too big for our model agency and together we will find the ideal model for your project.

Models in the Region of Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is known for models and fashion. As the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf is considered Germany’s highest-turnover location for commercials and fashion. This is not least due to the famous luxury shopping street, Königsallee. The fashion metropolis Düsseldorf is not only known for fashion, but also for the Messe Düsseldorf, where many internationally famous world leading trade fairs take place. Many fashion schools, fashion studios, photo studios, showrooms and model agencies ensure that Düsseldorf is a real designer and model magnet. As a fashion capital, Düsseldorf brings with it many job opportunities for models. So it is not surprising that the selection of models is very large.

We at model agency Düsseldorf carefully select our models to meet the high expectations of our national and international clients. We are also always looking for newcomer models who can become professional models with the necessary polish and experience.

  • Personal contact person
  • Models from Düsseldorf and surroundings
  • Consultation from full service agency
  • Full transparency
  • More than 5 years experience
  • Models, hostesses, promoters, influencers, grid girls & other brand ambassadors
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Overview of our Service

As a model agency we mediate between models and clients orders for photo shoots, video shoots, fittings, catwalk, trade show assignments, TV appearances and more. We keep our models in a file, help them build their sedcard, gain experience and then refer them for jobs upon customer request. Since 2015, we have already been pursuing this placement models, hostesses, promoters and grid girls. The personnel range was constantly expanded, so that other personnel areas were added. Meanwhile, our young and well-connected team at Modelagentur Düsseldorf looks after: models, hostesses, promoters, influencers, grid girls, presenters, dancers, other brand ambassadors and service staff with individual characters.

Possible areas of application are:

  • Photo shoots
  • Catwalk
  • Commercial shoots and music video shoots
  • TV appearances
  • Product launches or openings
  • Trade fair appearances
  • Showroom and fittings
  • Sports events
  • Social media campaigns
  • Bodyparts

Project Process of Düsseldorf Model Agency

We want to make the model placement for you as simple and uncomplicated as possible. For us, as a model agency, model placement is not just work, but a passion that we have made our profession.

To achieve your goals, we select together the ideal model for your campaign. We are responsible for the model briefing and a targeted coordination during the assignment.

1. Inquiry & onboarding

To coordinate the project, we need a detailed briefing with all relevant information.

2. Presentation of the models

We will put together a selection of models whose sedcards we will present to you afterwards.

3. Project implementation

The project is planned reliably and according to your specifications.

Model Booking with Glowstaff

We at model agency Düsseldorf look back on more than 5 years of experience in the industry. A model agency requires detailed planning – especially when the customer has precise and high expectations.

When we get customer inquiries we see every time enthusiastically how diverse this industry is. Every time we see ourselves confirmed why we love this industry and our job. Depending on the campaign, different models are sought. Certain trends in the world of fashion and advertising also influence the book behavior of customers. That’s why we are constantly expanding our model agency’s file. Meanwhile, our model file includes:

  • Female & Male Models
  • Classic Models
  • Best Ager Models
  • Curvy Models & Plus Size Models
  • Petite Models
  • Fitness Models
  • Body Part Models
  • Fitting Models
  • Tattoo Models

During the search for the ideal model for your project, we will listen to you at all times, advise and support you in the selection of suitable models and ensure a pleasant and uncomplicated process.

Book experienced Models in Düsseldorf now!

Düsseldorf and Surroundings

Model agency Düsseldorf also serves national and international orders. As the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia and a fashion metropolis, Düsseldorf offers a variety of opportunities for models. In addition, all our models bring willingness to travel and even foreign language skills. We are constantly expanding our model database to meet international requirements and always provide the ideal model.

Our Values

Model agency Düsseldorf stands for a personal, transparent and reliable model agency. Our most important values include reliability, diversity and professionalism, which we want to prove with every project. We live on recommendation and therefore want to meet every expectation. The ambition drives us every day to become a little better and in a few years to become one of the leading model agencies in Europe.

Book with Model Agency Düsseldorf now

Thanks to our professional staff, we have already achieved great success in both national and international orders. To make your project successful as well, we offer:

  • Personal contact person
  • Holistic consultation
  • Full transparency
  • Reliable references
  • Experienced employees
  • Around the clock availability during your project
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Price - Performance

In order to be able to guarantee a lasting cooperation, we focus on a good price-performance ratio.

Fast processing

For a fast processing the booking will be simple and uncomplicated for you.

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We regularly expand our model file to meet the diverse demands in the industry.

Models at Model Agency Düsseldorf

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Inquire now!

Let us advise you personally for your next project.

More Information about Model Agency Düsseldorf

Become a Model in Düsseldorf

Design schools, studios, photo studios, showrooms and the world-famous Messe Düsseldorf, where many well-known order fairs are held, among other things, ensure that Düsseldorf is a real metropolis for fashion and other industries. The job opportunities for a model are particularly great here.

You like to stand in front of the camera or in the spotlight, are self-confident and love to pose? You want to become a model to get jobs as a classic model or diversity model? Or you would like to work as a hostess, promoter or grid girl in addition to traditional model jobs? And not only in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area?

If you bring along charisma and self-confidence in addition to an appealing appearance, then apply now at Model Agency Düsseldorf! We as a model agency are of course and permanently 100% free of charge for you. We always keep our processes transparent and do not deceive you with unrealistic promises.

Model Booking in Düsseldorf

At model agency Düsseldorf we place models according to high standards. We always focus on the customer and keep the processes transparent. Of course, our unique female and male models, whom we carefully select and support, also contribute to the success of our model agency.

As a full service model agency in Düsseldorf, we try to relieve you of as much work and preparation time as possible. All we need is a precise statement of your expectations and wishes, as well as all relevant key data we need to put together a model selection for you. Our Düsseldorf model database includes a large selection of models who can serve a wide variety of marketing approaches. We always focus on long-term and fair cooperations in order to satisfy both customers and models. Because satisfied models do a good job and make for a satisfied customer and a satisfied agency. Book your models with Model Agency Düsseldorf now!

Work of a Model

Generally, models are hired for their looks, photogenicity and instinctive handling of the camera. They are asked to promote products, services, events or companies. In addition to typical photo shoots and catwalk jobs, models are also often booked for video shoots, fittings, showrooms, trade show appearances, music videos, TV appearances, sporting events, as brand faces/testimonials, and more.

Models often travel a lot for their jobs. They sometimes have to travel far to reach their clients or the location. We at Modelagentur Düsseldorf therefore like to see willingness to travel and also good foreign language skills. Often the job starts right after arrival and the model has to be in top shape. Models should be flexible and adaptable, as they are expected to quickly adapt to the set and the team. Our models should gain experience and always expand their portfolio to be able to receive regular bookings.

Castings at Model Agency Düsseldorf

We cast models in all major cities, of course also in Düsseldorf. We are always looking for new models in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area, because we want to offer our customers a diverse selection. We want to give experienced models or newcomer models with potential the chance to get exciting jobs. When applying to our model agency Düsseldorf, we pay particular attention to charisma. There are criteria that can be checked off, but modeling depends on much more than certain optical requirements. Ambition and passion also play a big role in the work of a model. The working day often involves a lot of stress or long waiting times. Only those who really love their job and always give 100% can make a name for themselves as a model in the long term.

As a model agency Düsseldorf, we are always available to our models for questions or problems. You come from Düsseldorf and the surrounding area and we have aroused your interest? We are looking forward to your application!

Tasks of a Model Agency

  • Selection and scouting of models
  • Selection of good and serious jobs for models
  • Placement of customer requests to the suitable models
  • Briefing of the model before an assignment
  • Help with building up the model portfolio
  • Settlement of accounts between model and client
  • Consulting and support of model and client
  • Network of photographers for test shoots
  • In case of an exclusive mother agency: planning of career and stays abroad

Fashion Metropolis Düsseldorf

When people think of Düsseldorf, they immediately think of the Kö with its designer stores and beautifully dressed women. In fact, Düsseldorf’s economic turnover in the fashion sector makes it the front-runner in Germany. Many well-known retail companies have their headquarters in Düsseldorf. The beautiful city on the Rhine has a very high purchasing power and takes advantage of it by optimally positioning itself in the fashion industry. Düsseldorf is also an important trade fair and event location. In contrast to Berlin, Düsseldorf relies mainly on the buyers of the large fashion houses and scores with order fairs, such as the CPD/DFD, and with showrooms.

Recognize reputable Model Agencies

On the Internet there are a lot of model agencies, especially in Düsseldorf. But to recognize a good model agency, you should pay attention to a few things. The most important rule is: Model agencies should always be free for models. Running fees are an absolute exclusion criterion. If a reputable model agency recognizes your potential and makes the effort to take you on, then they are in the best case even willing to invest in you – not the other way around. Also, please be realistic and honest with yourself. If some offers are too good to be true, such as a luxury shoot in Hollywood including flight and hotel – and that for a model who has never seen the agency live, it is probably a scam. Additionally, take a closer look at the model agency’s website: A reputable model agency should have high-quality pictures, a model file with several sedcards, comprehensible contact details and a legitimate imprint. You should also google the model agency and read reviews.

Topic nude photos! Yes, partial nudes and even nudes are not frowned upon in the modeling world and are quite more common than you might think. However, for a beginner model, it is not recommended to take too revealing photos. And in any case it is not necessary. So if an agency advises you to do nude shoots or says “But Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer have already done that!”, then this is definitely not a serious tip.

Basically, nothing can be promised in this industry and no possible success can be predicted. The industry is very changeable and in the end it is always the customer who decides whether he wants to book you or not. So the agency can put you on the market and suggest you to many customers, but not give you any promises of success.

Best Ager Models and Senior Models in Düsseldorf

When the target group can identify with the models and the presentation of the products, marketing campaigns reach their highest efficiency. For this reason, the demand for Best Ager Models and Senior Models in the advertising and fashion world continues to grow. Especially in the field of advertising in print and TV there is a very high demand for 40+ models. There are many job opportunities for Best Ager Models and Senior Models to promote everyday products or niche products. There are jobs in product photography, commercials, for runway jobs and much more. Become a Best Ager Model now and book models at Model Agency Düsseldorf.

Curvy Models und Plus Size Models in Düsseldorf

Beauty cannot be measured in dress sizes. This is proven by our Curvy Models and Plus Size Models in Düsseldorf. They convince with their self-confidence, their sensuality and the feeling for the aesthetics of their own body. The demand in the fashion world is increasing day by day and stands for a long overdue change. Many fashion designers and magazines are now focusing on realistic brand ambassadors that reflect the masses. There are more and more job opportunities for curvy models from KF 40 upwards and plus size models from KF 44. Become a curvy model or plus size model now and book models at model agency Düsseldorf.