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Model Agency Berlin: Book Models

Are you looking for models in Berlin? We provide models for photo and video shoots, fashion shows, fittings, TV appearances and more. We have already successfully implemented national and international projects with Model Agency Berlin. Send us a request without any obligations and we will find the ideal models from Berlin for your project.

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Book models with our Model Agency Berlin

Are you looking for models in Berlin? We provide models for photo shoots, videos, commercial campaigns, fittings, fashion shows and more. We look back on more than 7 years of experience in the model industry. A model agency requires detailed planning – especially when the customer has precise and high expectations. Our Model Agency Berlin has already successfully implemented national and international projects. Inquire now without obligation to find together the ideal models for your project in Berlin.

  • Models for photo shoots, video and commercial shoots, fittings, runway and more
  • Large database with over 800 models
  • Top-rated agency in Germany
  • Over 7 years of industry experience
  • Quick placement in a short amount of time
  • Personal contact person
  • Comprehensive advice as a full-service agency
  • Legal certainty
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At Model Agency Berlin we will be happy to advise you personally.

We operate as a model agency in these cities

We have a very large database and can access models in all cities in Germany. We support you with photo shoots, video shoots, commercials, TV appearances, trade fairs, fittings, and more in your city.

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Have we made you curious?
At Model Agency Berlin we will be happy to advise you personally.

Model Agency Berlin for photo and video shoots, commercial campaigns and more

As Model Agency Berlin we arrange model placements for shoots, commercials, fittings and more between our clients and our models. We keep models in a file, help them build their model portfolio, support them in gaining experience and then place them with our clients. Since 2015 we have been placing Male Models, Best Ager Models, Tattoo Models, Fitness Models and Petite Models in addition to our Classic Models. Since then we have expanded our agency for Berlin and other cities in Germany. In the meantime, more personnel areas have been added. Possible areas of operation of our Model Agency Berlin are: Photo shoots, catwalk, commercial shoots and music video shoots, TV appearances, product launches or openings, showrooms and fittings, sporting events, trade shows, social media campaigns, body parts.

Our values at Model Agency Berlin

Berlin is the place to be in Germany when it comes to fashion. For many eras, Berlin has been the place to which model agencies, models and other artistic talents are drawn – also internationally. Berlin inspires, motivates and sets trends. Beyond Germany, Berlin is known for its individual style and is a true fashion Mecca. Therefore, Berlin is essential as a location for model agencies and also models lead their career sooner or later via Berlin. At Model Agency Berlin we stand for diversity, professionalism and transparency. Since we live on recommendations, we would like to continue to meet all expectations of our clients and models. In addition, we want to have a fair relationship with our customers and our models – we want our prices and payments to correspond to the real benefits of a campaign.

Experienced model agency with a diverse model file in Berlin

We at Model Agency Berlin carefully select our models to be able to serve the high expectations of our national and international clients in Berlin. We carry many diverse models to be able to provide models for specific jobs. In addition, we are always on the lookout for newcomer models who grow with the necessary polish and some experience to professional models. We want to realize the wishes and visions of our customers in the best possible way, so no special request is too much for our Model Agency Berlin. Especially Berlin is known for models, fashion and trends. As the capital and internationally relevant metropolis, Berlin is considered one of the most important locations for commercials, designers, advertising agencies and models. The city ensures that Berlin is a real model magnet. Berlin brings with it many job opportunities for models. Not surprisingly, then, that the selection of models here in Berlin is very large. Out of our model file in Berlin we will together find the ideal models for your campaign.

Learn more about Model Agency Berlin

Our Model Agency Berlin is one of the fastest growing model agencies in Germany. We have been placing models for clients from various fields for over 7 years now. Our customers in Berlin include fashion brands, advertising agencies, trade show exhibitors, videographers and more. We attach great importance to reliability, professionalism and transparency. Through serious and transparent work, our Model Agency Berlin could earn the trust of international customers and models. Our pricing is based on the real benefit of your campaign. In addition to classic models, the card index of our model agency Berlin includes Curvy Models, Fitness Models, Tattoo Models, Best Ager Models, Petite Models, Fitting Models, Body Part Models and more. Each order brings individual requirements. For our Model Agency Berlin no wish is too big and together we will find the ideal models for your project in Berlin.

Become a model at Model Agency Berlin

The job opportunities for a model are particularly large in Berlin: showrooms, photo studios, local greats for film and television, design schools… Berlin is the heart of Germany when it comes to the profession of modeling. Model Agency Berlin is an agency for experienced models and also newcomer models. Do you love fashion, putting yourself in the spotlight and posing in front of the camera? You are open, confident and feel comfortable in your skin? Other important criteria for a model are charisma, passion and ambition. Modeling depends on much more than visual criteria. If you not only have a special, attractive appearance but also charisma and passion for modeling, then apply now at Model Agency Berlin!

What are the jobs of models in Berlin?

In addition to the appearance of a model, the photogenicity and the experienced handling of photo and video camera is also decisive for a model booking. With the help of these qualities, models promote products, services or companies in photo or video productions, fashion shows, in showrooms, etc. For these jobs, models often have to travel to reach customers and locations. It is not uncommon that they work directly after arrival and have to cover their fatigue. Therefore, we at Model Agency Berlin expect willingness to travel, foreign language skills and stress resistance. To the independent tasks of the model in Berlin is also always to continue to gain experience through free projects and to keep their portfolio up to date.

Metropolis Berlin as location for model agencies and models

When you think of the capital Berlin, you naturally think of the Brandenburg Gate, the TV Tower, Checkpoint Charlie, the East Side Gallery, the popular Spätis and the world-famous party culture of electronic music. Not least because of these “landmarks”, the megacity Berlin is one of the most famous and popular cities in Europe. Typical for Berlin are also art, fashion, music, international cuisine and cultural history. The metropolis attracts countless tourists and Berliners by choice every day. Many also move to Berlin for their profession – there are many local big names for film and television, music production and marketing, fashion and design, journalism and press, model agencies and models and much more. Especially in the model industry, Berlin is broadly positioned and the most important production location in Germany. Fashion designers, photographers and models come together in Berlin and produce daily new commercials, fashion editorials, TV campaigns and co. Therefore, we at Model Agency Berlin also appreciate this beautiful and diverse city as a professional location, model and fashion metropolis very much.

Why Berlin is important and popular to models

Berlin has a long history of famous fashion creations and trends. For many years Berlin hosted the German Mercedes Benz Fashionweek. This era is now over, but there are still countless other fashion events that are celebrated in Berlin. The hometown of the Berlinale offers especially young designers a stage to present their creations to the fashion world. On these occasions, the stars and starlets of the capital also show up and provide even more media presence around the presented fashion. German Vogue, which is based in Berlin, also likes to offer a platform to fashion designers who often celebrate their premieres in Berlin. So do the many TV and radio stations based in Berlin. But there are even more fashion highlights in Berlin than the Berlinale. In the Galéries Lafayette, for example, you can still enjoy French specialties after an extensive shopping tour. Many other department stores and boutiques showcase fashion from all over the world. Berlin is always worth a shopping tour for the end customer and often a career launching pad for national and international fashion designers.

Book models in Berlin via Model Agency Berlin

Are you looking for a specific model for an upcoming project in Berlin? We would be happy to provide you with expert advice in planning and model selection. Throughout the preparation time of your project, we accompany you and are always available for queries. Our Model Agency Berlin includes a large selection of Classic Models, Male Models, Best Ager Models, Body Part Models, Curvy Models, Fitness Models, Petite Models and more. We always focus on fair and transparent cooperation, which is the basic building block for re-bookings and long-term cooperation with customers and models.

Have we aroused your interest? Use the experience of Model Agency Berlin and entrust us with your next model booking! We are looking forward to the contact with you.

Inquire now without obligation!

Have we made you curious?
At Model Agency Berlin we will be happy to advise you personally.

Find Commercial Models with Model Agency Berlin

Commercial Models are models of any age used for mainstream advertisements, such as TV commercials, magazines, billboards, e-commerce, etc. Commercial models are supposed to represent the beauty ideal of the broad masses and be naturally beautiful, so that the target group can better identify with them. They don’t have to be “perfect” or particularly striking, but real! There are no measurements for measurements, sizes or other external characteristics, because the faces in advertising should by no means always look the same. Commercial Models convince with their authentic and sympathetic manner and with their light-hearted handling of photo and video cameras. It is also important that it is easy for them to learn texts by heart in a short time and to reproduce them in front of the camera in order to record commercials and clips without any problems. Become a Commercial Model in Berlin and book Commercial Models in Berlin now.

Find Fitness Models with Model Agency Berlin

There are many brands and products that can be promoted in the field of commercial modeling with the help of fitness models and sports models. Among others, products such as supplements, nutritionists, sportswear, fitness equipment, fitness magazines, gym equipment and co. require models that represent the sporty lifestyle and image of the brand and product. That’s why there are models who were able to turn their passion into a profession and earn their money with fitness shooting. Some fitness models are also specialized in certain sports, such as dancing, martial arts or athletics. Female and male fitness models exist in every age group. Such shoots are usually very physically demanding and require a good physical physique, fitness, body control and endurance of the fitness models. Become a Fitness Model in Berlin and book Commercial Models in Berlin.

Find Curvy Models and Plus Size Models with Model Agency Berlin

Clothing sizes are not decisive for the beauty of a person. The fashion industry has finally realized this. Our Curvy Models and Plus Size Models in Berlin inspire with their self-confidence and their sense for the aesthetics of their own body. The demand is increasing and represents a long overdue change in the fashion world. Many fashion brands and fashion magazines now rely on realistic advertisements so that they target audience and the majority can identify with the models. Become a Curvy Model or Plus Size Model in Berlin and book Curvy Models or Plus Size Models in Berlin now.

Find Best Ager Models and Silver Ager Models with Model Agency Berlin

Marketing campaigns are most effective when the target group can identify with the presentation of the products and the models used. That’s why the demand for Best Ager Models and Silver Ager Models in the advertising and fashion world is increasing day by day. 40+ models are in great demand especially in the commercial sector for print and TV. They can promote products from everyday life or niche products and represent them realistically. There are many jobs for Best Ager Models in product photography, advertising, for fashion shows and more. Become a Best Ager Model or Silver Ager Model in Berlin now and book Best Ager Models and Silver Ager Models in Berlin.

Find Petite Models with Model Agency Berlin

Female fashion models and catwalk models usually meet a minimum size of 1.75 m. A petite model does not reach this height – but there is still a place for her in the modeling world and fashion industry. There are several reasons for this: Many fashion brands carry separate “petite” collections for men and women with adapted trouser lengths, skirt lengths, sleeve lengths, etc. Accordingly, petite models are also needed for product photography and fashion presentations, especially in e-commerce. Petite models are also in great demand for body party photography. Due to their small size, they are good hand models and foot models, which allows them as a Petite Model numerous different job opportunities in the commercial sector. Become a Petite Model in Berlin and book Petite Models in Berlin.

Find Fitting Models with Model Agency Berlin

Designers and fashion designers work with fitting models to either test the fit of new pieces or to present the collection to order customers. Fitting models are available in all clothing sizes. There are also fittings before important shoots or fashion shows. Exact sizes and measurements must be met. Fitting models are also used in fashion showrooms or at order fairs to present the new collections to the order agents of fashion houses and boutiques. These are to procure the collections namely for the store sales to the final customer. Unlike dress mannequins, Fitting Models can provide feedback on how the garment behaves when moved and provide answers on how the garment feels when worn. Become a Fitting Model in Berlin and book Fitting Models in Berlin.

Life in Berlin

Berlin is a true magnet for young people. The colorful mix of different cultures paired with the typical Berlin snout offers unlimited opportunities for Berlin residents and newcomers. Every personality finds the chance to develop freely in Berlin. Berlin’s cosmopolitanism and tolerance have made it the most populous city in the EU with over 3.5 million inhabitants. The cultural offerings of this city of millions are unbeatable.

The districts of Mitte, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg attract many creative minds. Berlin Mitte offers not only the most shopping opportunities but also so, a maximum entertainment program. On the other hand, the outskirts often offer many green corners where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the big cityof Berlin. The “old” Berliner also often identify with their districts – there you are not Berliners but, for example, Friedrichshainers. Every district has such a good infrastructure that you don’t necessarily have to leave your district. For every character Berlin offers the necessary conditions to create a life according to his ideas and wishes.

Castings at Model Agency Berlin

In addition to other relevant major cities, we also cast in the most important model city in Germany: Berlin! We are constantly expanding our model roster in Berlin and the surrounding area to be able to offer our customers a broad selection. Experienced models as well as newcomer models are welcome to join us in Berlin. Important points for a model are charisma, passion and ambition. Modeling depends on much more than visual criteria. Since the working day of a model is often associated with either a lot of stress or long waiting times, you have to be very tough to do this job regularly and long-term. Only who loves this job and always gives everything, can make a name for themselves as a model. Our Model Agency Berlin is always at your side as models with queries or problems. You come from Berlin and the surrounding area and we have aroused your interest? We look forward to your online application as a model!

Booking via Model Agency Berlin

As a full service model agency in Berlin, we want to relieve you as much as possible in your preparation time. Whether you are looking for a specific model or still want advice. Our model file in Berlin includes a wide selection of models and other brand ambassadors: classic models, best ager models, body part models, people models, fitness models, petite models, tattoo models, etc. In cooperation with you, we will find the ideal model for your project in Berlin. Since you certainly want an uncomplicated and fast process of your booking, we go through our process steps meticulously for each project. This way an exact and reliable planning is possible. In addition, we attach great importance to fairness and transparency. Our pricing policy is based on the realistic value of your campaign. Convince yourself and book models from Berlin and the surrounding area with Model Agency Berlin!

Find reputable Model Agencies in Berlin

Nowhere in Germany are there so many model agencies, as in the capital Berlin. However, to find a good model agency, there are a few things to consider. The most important rule is: model agencies should always be free of charge for models. Membership fees or processing fees are an absolute exclusion criterion. If a reputable model agency sees your potential and wants to accompany you on your modeling journey, then at best they are even willing to invest in you – not the other way around. Also, please be realistic and honest with yourself. If some of the offers are too good to be true, such as giant campaigns in Hollywood, including flights and hotel – and this for a model the agency has never seen live – it is likely that it is a scam. Nude photos are not frowned upon in the modeling world and are quite available, but they are not recommended for beginner models. Above all, it is never required!  Therefore, if an agency recommends taking nude photos or says: “But Heidi Klum did the same!”, this is by no means a serious recommendation. Basically, nothing can be promised in this industry, nor can any possible success be predicted. The industry is very changeable and in the end it is always the customer who decides whether he wants to book you or not. So the agency can put you on the market and suggest you to many clients, but not give you any promises of success. Last but not least, take a closer look at the model agency’s website. A serious model agency includes high-quality pictures, model files with a few sedcards, real contact information and imprint that is legal. You should also google the model agency of your choice and read the reviews.

More questions about our Model Agency Berlin

A model agency operates as a service provider between models and customers. Model agencies keep their models in a file, build them up for future jobs and place them with project requests.
A model placement requires detailed planning - especially if the client has high expectations and fixed deadlines must be met. Our model agency deals individually with your wishes and takes the time to realize your goals.
We cast models in all major cities in Germany. We are permanently looking for models to offer our customers a wide selection. We want to give experienced models or newcomer models with potential chances for exciting jobs.
If you have charisma and self-confidence in addition to an attractive appearance, then apply to us via our application form. We will check your application and get back to you.

More brand ambassadors from Glowstaff

If you are also interested in other brand ambassadors for your project besides models, also check out our range of hostesses, promoters, influencers and grid girls. We can provide you with models and staff for photoshoots, videoshoots, trade show appearances, TV appearances, social media marketing campaigns, promotions, sport events and more in Berlin, in Germany or world wirde.

Also find Models from Hamburg, Hanover, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart or Munich. Book your models with Model Agencies by Glowstaff!