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Model Agency Frankfurt: Book Models

The model file of our Model Agency Frankfurt includes a large selection of female and male models of different types. In our model placements, we rely on long-term and fair cooperation to ensure the highest satisfaction of our customers and models. Book your models now via Model Agency Frankfurt.

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Book models from Frankfurt with Model Agency

Are you looking for Models in Frankfurt? We provide models for photo and video shoots, fashion shows, fittings, TV appearances, tradeshows and more. We have already been able to successfully implement national and international projects with Model Agency Frankfurt. Ask without obligation to find together the ideal models from Frankfurt for your project.

  • Models for photo shoots, video and commercial shoots, fittings, runway and more
  • Large database with over 800 models
  • Top-rated agency in Germany
  • Over 7 years of industry experience
  • Quick placement in a short amount of time
  • Personal contact person
  • Comprehensive advice as a full-service agency
  • Legal certainty
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At Model Agency Frankfurt we will be happy to advise you personally.

We operate as a model agency in these cities

We have a very large database and can access models in all cities in Germany. We support you with photo shoots, video shoots, commercials, TV appearances, trade fairs, fittings, and more in your city.

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Have we made you curious?
At Model Agency Frankfurt we will be happy to advise you personally.

Models by Model Agency Frankfurt

At Model Agency Frankfurt we have a large and diverse model file of professional models and newcomer models from Frankfurt area. Thanks to the diversity of our model file, we can respond to any customer request. With personal and project-related advice, we want to ensure that the proposed models fit perfectly to your ideas and your visions for your project. Possible assignments for our models from Frankfurt and the surrounding area range from Classic Model photo-,video- and commercial shoots and fashion shows, to fittings, TV appearances and trade show assignments. Since 2015, our Model Agency Frankfurt has always expanded and always observed the change of the model industry with. Therefore, you will find in the file of our Model Agency Frankfurt in addition to Classic Models and Male Models also Diversity Models, Petite Models, Curvy Models, Best Ager Models, Fitness Models and Sport Models, Body Part Models, Tattoo Models and more.

Realize model projects with Model Agency Frankfurt

For the request at Model Agency Frankfurt you can easily use our form for a booking request and we will contact you immediately. This form will first answer the basic questions about your model search. Model requests are always very individual, which is why we are accustomed to deal with your request individually and personally. So, depending on the initial situation, we adapt our approach to you: if your ideas are already very concrete, we can immediately present you the sedcards of the models from Model Agency Frankfurt that potentially fit your specifications and ask them about their availability if you wish. On the other hand, we ask all the models from our Model Agency Frankfurt that fall into the general conditions and then propose these sedcards to you. On the sedcards of our models you will find all relevant information about our models. We are also happy to advise you in the search and choice of the ideal models for your project.

Become a model in Frankfurt with Model Agency Frankfurt

If posing, fitting, stylist and showroom are not foreign words for you and you are confident and photogenic, you are welcome to apply to our Model Agency Frankfurt as a model. It depends on charisma and changeability to have good chances of assignments as a model. Since Frankfurt is one of the five largest cities in Germany, it is clear that there are enough opportunities here to get started as a model. Success cannot be promised in the modeling industry – however, all paths as a model in Frankfurt are open to you as long as you show discipline and passion. If you are interested in working as a hostess, promoter or grid girl in addition to classic model jobs – and not only in Frankfurt and the surrounding area – then apply at Model Agency Frankfurt. The application is non-binding and does not involve any hidden costs. We are looking forward to your model application.

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Have we made you curious?
At Model Agency Frankfurt we will be happy to advise you personally.

Find Commercial Models and Body Part Models at Model Agency Frankfurt

Commercial Models at Model Agency Frankfurt are called models who are booked for advertisements, such as TV commercials; print editions, such as magazines or posters; online store product photography or the like. Commercial models are intended to appeal to the broad mass of the target audience and thus serve numerous different types. They don’t have to be perfect or particularly striking. The only important thing is that they have a natural way with the camera and have no problem memorizing and reproducing texts in a short time when they are booked for a video spot. Body part jobs also fall into the area of commercials. Body Part Models at Model Agency Frankfurt stand only with certain body parts in front of the camera. They can be specialized in hands, feet, legs, teeth or even beauty features like freckles or hair. Body Part Models often find a place in advertising shoots, in which certain products are in the foreground, without the model must or should be depicted in its entirety. Especially for smaller products, close-ups are a good choice, where the body part model serves to set the scene perfectly. Jobs in advertising for care products, shoes/socks, furnishings, jewelry, food, kitchen accessories and much more await Body Part Models.

Find Fitness Models and Sport Models at Model Agency Frankfurt

Fitness Models and Sport Models at Model Agency Frankfurt are used by brands that work in the areas of fitness, lifestyle, beauty and wellness. Fitness Models and Sport Models are used for product photography or video spots of all kinds. They can realistically use and represent products that stand for fitness and health and thus authentically reflect the image of the brand. Sportswear, sports equipment, sports clothing, sports accessories, as well as fitness magazines or products and services from the food segment make use of these models. The jobs of fitness models and sports models are often very strenuous and require good body control and a lot of endurance. Many of these models have made their passion their profession and combined a certain sport or talent with modeling.

Find Curvy Models and Plus-Size Models at Model Agency Frankfurt

Curvy Models and Plus-Size Models of the Model Agency Frankfurt are very much in demand, because they are nowadays used in almost every commercial campaign. Size Zero is no longer the measure of things in the model industry and it is resorted to models with which the target group can identify better. Since over 50% of women in Germany wear clothing sizes above 42, curvy models who can also cater to these sizes are used in commercial campaigns. However, Curvy Models are also used in fashion shows so that fashion can be presented in different sizes. Many fashion brands are expanding their standard sizes and realize that “plus sizes” are standard, so the need for Curvy Models and Plus Size Models is also growing.

Find Best Ager Models and Silver Ager Models at Model Agency Frankfurt

Best Ager Models and Silver Ager Models of the Model Agency Frankfurt are very much in demand. Their presence is very important in advertising – but also in the fashion sector. Best Ager Models 35+ and Silver Ager Models 55+ are often booked to realistically represent products from everyday life. With more life experience, these models can take on stereotypical roles well, like a mother or a retiree. The Best Ager Models and Silver Ager Models of the Model Agency Frankfurt shine with self-confidence, authenticity and composure on the set.

Find Petite Models at Model Agency Frankfurt

Petite Models at Model Agency Frankfurt do not have to adhere to traditional minimum sizes, but can also work under 1.70 m as a professional model in Frankfurt. Petite Models are largely used in the commercial sector. But also in the fashion industry their raison d’être, because there are often special petite collections, so that Petite Models can even be used on the catwalk. Petite Models also have good chances as Body Part Models, since they often have more delicate hands and feet due to their smaller size.

Find Fitting Models at Model Agency Frankfurt

Fitting Models of the Model Agency Frankfurt can be booked for fittings in showrooms or order fairs in Frankfurt to present the current collections and pieces. Fitting Models are available in all clothing sizes, but they usually have to be tall, because the sample pieces of the collections are usually still uncut. The Fitting Model demonstrates the fashion to the buyer or end customer, showing how it looks on the body and in motion. Unlike a mannequin or a hanger, Fitting Models can pass on feedback on fit and feel.

Apply now as a model at Model Agency Frankfurt

If you want to apply to our Model Agency Frankfurt as a model, you can do this easily via our online application form. Here you fill out all the relevant data about you as a person, enter your current model measurements that you take before and upload photos of yourself. If you already have a professional model portfolio, send a good mix of photos that show your transformability. In addition, recent polas are always an advantage. If you don’t have a professional photo portfolio, send natural, unedited photos of yourself with your model application that show your face and proportions well. Show your face, both smiling and in profile, and your body – also from different angles. Then we can get a good picture of you and decide whether we can help you with an admission to our Model Agency Frankfurt.

What is the everyday life of a model in Frankfurt like?

The everyday life of models in Frankfurt always varies and covers a wide spectrum. Model jobs are rarely the same and you have to be very flexible and dedicated to quickly adapt to the requirements on set. The most common jobs of a model include photo and video shoots, where the photogenicity of a model is used to aesthetically and stylishly showcase the product/brand/service being advertised. Apart from that, fittings and try-ons also take place in so-called showrooms, models are booked for TV appearances or even for trade show jobs. Traditional expectations, such as a minimum size, are now spoken about less frequently. It is much more important to represent a special type and to have charisma and trend awareness. Especially in the world of commercial modeling, there is no getting around the term diversity. The more striking the outer appearance, the better it sometimes is. Often model jobs are associated with long waiting times and with long journeys. A model in Frankfurt should therefore be patient and able to work under pressure in order to still be able to perform the job relaxed and with fun.

Why is Frankfurt a relevant city for models and model agencies?

Frankfurt is a fashion stronghold and the Fashion Week is the highlight of the year. Fashion Week in Frankfurt is an annual fashion event attended by national and international designers, models, bloggers and other fashion fans. At the international fashion week in Frankfurt, the latest collections of top designers for the upcoming season are presented. Most designers present their collections for the upcoming spring/summer, but there are also some who show their fall/winter collections. During Fashion Week, Frankfurt also always hosts the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival, where more than 100 designers present their creations. The program includes fashion shows, workshops, lectures and parties: during Fashion Week, more than 100 fashion shows and events take place in the various locations in Frankfurt. Fashion Week in Frankfurt is also a great opportunity for models to meet new designers and labels. Many young labels have their first show at the Fashion Week in Frankfurt and are also looking for new talents and faces. But also established designers use the Frankfurt Fashion Week to present their latest creations. The Fashion Week in Frankfurt is an unforgettable experience for everyone who is interested in fashion. So Fashion Week is a must for all fashion enthusiasts, for models, bloggers, influencers, fashion journalists and the perfect opportunity to discover the latest trends.

What makes a reputable model agency in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a city where you can find numerous small and large model agencies. Before you go into concrete exchange with a model agency, you should definitely check their seriousness. Unfortunately, there are many fake model scouts and dubious model agencies on the Internet, which hide behind a fancy, but not authentic website.
In all of Germany, but also especially in Frankfurt, there are very many model agencies. An important point, which can be understood as a warning signal, is if the agency requires admission fees or an application is already linked to a payment. A model agency earns money with placements and not by the fact that models apply to her. Job offers that are too nice to be true can also be a sign of a scam. That’s why you should always be realistic with your expectations of the modeling business and yourself. The listed models on the website of the model agency, the reviews about the model agency and a properly kept imprint also provide clues to the credibility and authenticity.

More questions about our Model Agency Frankfurt

A model agency operates as a service provider between models and customers. Model agencies keep their models in a file, build them up for future jobs and place them with project requests.
A model placement requires detailed planning - especially if the client has high expectations and fixed deadlines must be met. Our model agency deals individually with your wishes and takes the time to realize your goals.
We cast models in all major cities in Germany. We are permanently looking for models to offer our customers a wide selection. We want to give experienced models or newcomer models with potential chances for exciting jobs.
If you have charisma and self-confidence in addition to an attractive appearance, then apply to us via our application form. We will check your application and get back to you.

Book other brand ambassadors via Glowstaff

If you are also interested in other brand ambassadors for your project in Frankfurt besides models, also check out our range of hostessespromotersinfluencers and grid girls. We can provide you with models and staff for photoshoots, videoshoots, trade show appearances, TV appearances, social media marketing campaigns, promotions, sport events and more in Frankfurt, in Germany or world wirde.

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