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Since Glowstaff was founded, we have been working as a promotion agency. Our card index includes experienced promoters all over Germany. As a promotion agency, we offer you promotion concepts including planning, organization and implementation. Even during the preparation phase, you benefit from our know-how and international experience. By placing qualified promoters, we want to give your brand presence and character in the public eye. We strive to achieve this goal through efficient planning and implementation.

Every promotion is different, but what all our promoters have in common is their charming and authentic charisma, flexibility and readiness for action – in Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Munich, in your city or internationally. Whether indoors or outdoors, in public or at closed parties, analogue or digital: our promoters show full commitment in every job. See for yourself!

  • Addressing new customers
  • Distribution of flyers
  • Sampling of product samples
  • Supervision of raffles
  • Conducting surveys
  • Walking Acts

How does our Promotion Agency work?

You can model the appearance of your company through promotional activities. Promoters advertise products, services or brands and thus ensure awareness or an increase in sales. For this purpose, our promotion agency presents your brand to the public, draws the attention of potential customers and ensures initial contact points. Promotions are among the most effective marketing methods. Promoters establish direct contact with interested parties and convey information personally, which is perceived more sustainably and intensively than impersonal advertising. With targeted promoter assignments, we increase the awareness of your brand, actively influence the brand image and demonstrably ensure more sales.

We put together a perfect team for you according to your requirements and send them out on assignment with the best possible briefing. We plan the advertising material, outfits and campaigns with you step by step and are at your side in an advisory capacity if you have any uncertainties. Possible areas of use for promoters: sales promotion, specialist advice, tastings, walking acts, flyer distribution, samplings, competitions, photo campaigns.

Book Promoters with Glowstaff

With more than five years of experience and extensive knowledge in the field of promotion, we are the right partner to realize your wishes. The team of our promotion agency is – with already more than 500 orders – specialized in the planning and realization of publicity.

We owe our success to our motivated and flexible promoters who, in the role of brand ambassadors, put your products, services or company in the right light. Thanks to our international network, we can provide you with competent personnel at any time and at short notice according to your criteria. In addition to improving your image and increasing awareness, sales promotion is also a measurable consequence. Promoters reach your target group wherever they are – whether in shopping malls, at festivals or at any other event.

Inquire about projects via our website and get a free consultation. Our service is available for you throughout Germany. Whether it’s a one-off campaign or a long-term roadshow, there are no limits to your creativity when it comes to implementing your advertising campaign.

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Promotion in marketing

Promotion is direct contact with the customer. The use of likeable, quick-witted and proactive promoters is one of the most effective tools in marketing. People generate more emotions than with ads. And positive connections to the brand are a prerequisite for a purchase. Especially due to the increase in digital overstimulation, people-related advertising is becoming even more relevant. As a promotion agency, we design your campaign based on this. Your promotion campaign can last hours, days or several weeks.

Reaching the target

A nice smile, a targeted approach, a nice conversation with detailed advice or a free sample. Promoters offer a contrast to the everyday sensory overload that awaits customers on the World Wide Web or in TV programmes, for example. The more our social interactions take place digitally, the more important personal contact becomes again. Proactive and charming promoters are the link between the company and the target group. They create a clear added value and can give your brand personality again.

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Do you have a project or topics you want to promote? Contact us and we will take the implementation of your vision into our hands. If you already have an idea for a promotional action, book today so we can start promoting. You can find the booking request form on our website.

If there is no concrete strategy yet, we will be happy to advise you on which promotion actions are best suited for you. We have years of experience and a network of experienced promoters. Together we will go through the proposals, develop a plan and promote your company.

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Price - Performance

By working efficiently and professionally, we can implement projects at the best prices and with the highest quality.

Fast processing

Contact us with your concerns and projects. Immediately after booking, we start promoting and ensure a quick and uncomplicated processing.

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You will be kept up to date at all times during the promotion campaign. If you have any questions about the implementation or results, we will be happy to assist you at any time.

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More Information about Promotion Agencies

What is a Promotion Agency?

The use of promoters increases the awareness of your brand and influences the buying behaviour of customers. Promoters advertise products and services and ensure more visibility. Goals are new customer acquisition, customer loyalty, sales increase, an image improvement or general brand presence. To achieve this, we first select the ideal team of promoters for your campaign with your help. Our promotion agency will present you and your offer to the public and draw customers’ attention to it in a targeted manner.

Promotional activities are among the most effective advertising methods. Promoters make direct, personal contact with potential customers and convey the desired information. They leave a sympathetic impression and act as a figurehead for your brand. As the client, you make the final decisions about the area of responsibility, the location and the advertising material to be used. You choose the image to be conveyed and the goal to be achieved at the end of a promotion campaign. As a promotion agency, we help you with the planning and implementation.

What is a Promotion?

Promoters approach customers in a targeted manner and convince them of your brand, your service or specific products. They are out and about at events, trade fairs, in the stationary retail trade or outdoors to present topics with which your company identifies.

Classic promotion can be the distribution of flyers and give-aways. Customer research is also very popular. Through surveys or talking to customers, promoters collect data from your customers that contain valuable information regarding their interests. The buyers are taught to perceive your wishes and to take them into account in the development. Other possibilities are walking acts, which attract attention through very eye-catching costumes and remain in the memory in the long term. Tastings and the distribution of product samples are a very good way to initiate an initial – and positive – product experience with the user. Promotional activities ensure greater customer proximity: the product or brand is associated with the friendly face of the promoter and with personal contact with him.

Discover more Brand Ambassadors

If you are planning other projects involving brand ambassadors besides promotion campaigns, feel free to check out our range of models, hostesses, influencers and grid girls. We provide you with personnel for shootings, video shoots, trade fair appearances, TV appearances, social media marketing campaigns, promotional actions, sporting events and more.