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Exhibitions in Munich: An Overview

Germany is a hub for all industries, and exhibitions play a significant role in meeting business partners from all over the word. From contemporary art to classical masterpieces, Germany boasts a diverse range of exhibitions that attract visitors from all over the world. On this page, you get an overview about all exhibitions taking place in Germany.

Exhibitions Munich

In the following, you can find a table with all relevant exhibitions in Munich.

Trade Fair NameAdressIndustryMore information
air cargo EuropeMessegelände, 81823 MunichAir Cargo Industry Get more information
AIRTECIngolstädter Str. 45+47 / Taunusstraße 45, 80807 MunichAerospace Industry Get more information
analyticaMessegelände, 81823 MunichLaboratory Supplies, Analytics and Biotechnology Industry Get more information
automaticaMessegelände, 81823 MunichAutomation Technology and Robotics Industry Get more information
BAUMessegelände, 81823 MunichArchitecture, Materials and Systems in the Construction Industry Get more information
BAUMAMessegelände, 81823 MunichConstruction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment Industry Get more information
Börsentag MunichLilienthalallee 40, 80939 MunichPrivate Investor Industry Get more information
Car Connects MünchenStändlerstraße 20, 81549 MunichAutomotive Career Industry Get more information
ceramitecMessegelände, 81823 MunichCeramics industry Get more information
electronicaMessegelände, 81823 MunichComponents, Systems and Applications in Electronics Industry Get more information
ExpoRealMessegelände, 81823 MunichReal Estate Industry Get more information
FOOD & LIFE MunichMessegelände, 81823 MunichGourmet Industry Get more information
Heim+HandwerkMessegelände, 81823 MunichHome & Interior Design Industry Get more information
IAA MobilityMessegelände, 81823 MunichAutomotive and Transportation Industries Get more information
IbaMessegelände, 81823 MunichBakery, Confectionery and Snacks Industry Get more information
IFATMessegelände, 81823 MunichEnvironmental Technologies and Waste Management Industry Get more information
IMOTExhibition center, 81823 MunichMotorcycle Industry Get more information
InhorgentaExhibition center, 81823 MunichJewellery and Watches Industry Get more information
Intersolar EuropeMessegelände, 81823 MunichSolar Industry Get more information
ISPOMessegelände, 81823 MunichSports Business Industry Get more information
Laser World of PhotonicsMessegelände, 81823 MunichOptical Technology Industry Get more information
LOPEC MunichAn der Point / Am Messesee, 81829 MunichHorse Industry Get more information
MUNICH INDOORSSpiridon-Louis-Ring 21, 80809 MunichSports Equipment, Clothing and Accessories Industry Get more information
Pferd International MunichLandshamer Straße 11, 81929 MunichEquestrian Industry Get more information
productronicaMessegelände, 81823 MunichInnovative Electronics Manufacturing Industry Get more information
SemiconMessegelände, 81823 MunichSemiconductor Industry Get more information
therapie MunichAn der Point / Am Messesee, 81829 MunichTherapy and Medical Rehabilitation Industry Get more information
Transport Logistic MunichMessegelände, 81823 MunichLogistics, Mobility, IT and Supply Chain Management Industry Get more information
DGCH Munich
Pienzenauerstraße 14, 81679 MunichSurgery Industry Get more information
Munich Wissenschaftstage mit FORSCHA
Am Bavariapark 5 80339 MunichScience Days Industry Get more information
Am Ausbesserungswerk 4, 80939 MunichMobility Industry Get more information
Lilienthalallee 40
80939 Munich
Audio Industry Get more information
IPS - International Parts + Supply
MOC Veranstaltungscenter Lilienthalallee 40 80939 MunichAudio Industry Get more information
Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21
80809 Munich
Bicycle Industry Get more information
Paul-Henri-Spaak-Straße, 81829 MunichDigital and Textile Printing Industry Get more information
Am Messeturm 4
81829 Munich
Visual Communication Industry Get more information
OutDoor by ISPO
Unnamed Road, 81829 MunichEuropean Outdoor Industry Get more information
Comicfestival Munich
Papinstr. 38, 81249 MunichComics Industry Get more information
Messegelände, 81823 MunichElectromobility Industry Get more information
ees Europe
Messegelände, 81823 MunichEnergy Storage Systems Industry Get more information
81823 Munich
Energy Industry Get more information
81823 Munich
Energy Industry Get more information
Boltzmannstraße 15, 85748 Garching bei MunichCareer Forum Industry Get more information
automatica sprint
Messegelände, Eingang Ost, 81823 MunichIntelligent Automation and Robotics Industry Get more information
Ismaninger Str. 63, 81675 MunichIntelligent Automation and Robotics Industry Get more information
Lilienthalallee 40 & 29, 80939 MunichFabric Industry Get more information
Inter Airport Europe
81823 Munich
Airport Equipment Industry Get more information
WM Werkstattmesse Munich
81823 Munich
Automotive Industry Get more information
Gemworld Munich
81823 Munich
Jewelry Industry Get more information
The Munich Show - Mineralientage Munich
81823 Munich
Minerals & Fossil Industry Get more information
The Munich Show - Mineralientage Munich
81823 Munich
Minerals & Fossil Industry Get more information
Ingolstädter Str. 45, 80807 MunichArt Industry Get more information
Ingolstädter Str. 45+47 / Taunusstraße 45
80807 Munich
Wine Industry Get more information
Babini MunichLilienthalallee 40
80939 Munich
Baby Industry Get more information
Messegelände, 81823 MunichOptics & Design Industry Get more information

Innenhof, Souterrain, August-Exter-Straße 4, 81245 MunichSpirits Industry Get more information
Messegelände, 81823 MunichCrafts Industry Get more information
Internationale Handwerksmesse (IHM)
Messegelände, 81823 MunichBuilding Industry Get more information
ENERGETIKA Grafing bei Munich
Jahnstraße 13
85567 Grafing b. Munich
Health Industry Get more information

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Munich: The Heart of Innovation and Business at Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Munich is a city renowned for its innovation and thriving business community, making it an ideal location for trade shows and exhibitions. The city’s world-class facilities, including the Munich Trade Fair Center, offer state-of-the-art venues for hosting events of all sizes and industries.Munich is a hub for innovation, with a focus on technology, science, and research. Exhibitions such as the electronica trade show, which showcases the latest advancements in electronics and technology, and the IFAT trade fair for environmental technology, demonstrate Munich’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.In addition to its strong business community, Munich is a cultural hub, with many museums, galleries, and attractions to explore. Attendees can experience the best of German hospitality and sample the city’s famous beer and cuisine.Overall, Munich’s innovative spirit, thriving business community, and unique cultural offerings make it the heart of innovation and business at trade shows and exhibitions, offering an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Uncovering the Best Exhibitions in Munich: A Guide for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

Munich is a city that’s rich in culture and innovation, and it’s also a hub for business and entrepreneurship. Whether you’re interested in technology, science, or the arts, Munich has a wide range of exhibitions and trade shows to suit your interests.One of the must-attend events is the Bauma trade fair, which showcases the latest innovations in construction machinery, building material, and mining machines. Another popular exhibition is the Munich Fabric Start, which presents a comprehensive collection of fabrics, accessories, and textiles.For those interested in innovation and technology, the Tech Days Munich event offers a forum for discussing the latest trends and advancements in technology. And for those in the food and beverage industry, the Drinktec trade fair presents a unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals and learn about the latest developments in the field.Overall, Munich offers an incredible variety of exhibitions and trade shows for entrepreneurs and professionals. So start planning your visit today and uncover the best exhibitions in Munich.

Why Munich is a Premier Destination for International Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Munich is one of the world’s premier destinations for international trade shows and exhibitions. The city’s central location in Europe makes it an ideal location for international events, with excellent infrastructure and transportation connections to major cities throughout the region.Munich is home to some of the world’s largest and most well-known trade shows and exhibitions, including the BAU, ISPO, and IFAT. These events attract exhibitors and visitors from around the world and cover a wide range of industries, from construction and environmental technology to sports and fashion.In addition to its world-class facilities, Munich is a vibrant and dynamic city with a rich cultural heritage, offering visitors an incredible array of attractions, including museums, galleries, restaurants, and shopping districts.Overall, Munich’s combination of excellent infrastructure, top-quality facilities, and vibrant culture make it a premier destination for international trade shows and exhibitions.

Discovering the Unique Culture and Business Opportunities of Munich through Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Munich is a city that blends its rich cultural heritage with cutting-edge business opportunities, and attending trade shows and exhibitions is a great way to discover both. The city hosts numerous world-class events, from the famous Oktoberfest to international trade shows like bauma, Electronica, and IFAT.Attending these events gives visitors the opportunity to explore the latest trends, network with industry leaders, and uncover new business opportunities. Additionally, Munich boasts a vibrant cultural scene, with world-class museums, galleries, and theaters showcasing everything from classical art to modern design.The city is also home to a thriving startup scene, attracting entrepreneurs and innovators from around the globe. These startups are often featured in Munich’s many trade shows and exhibitions, providing a platform for investors and potential partners to explore new ventures.Overall, attending trade shows and exhibitions in Munich is a fantastic way to discover the unique culture and business opportunities of this dynamic and innovative city.

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